Report from the International Service Committee

During 2014-25 the Rotary the International Service Committee was given larger budget of $20,000 – up from $6,000. The board also authorized and increase in this budget of $1,000 as explained below.

Carried over from last year were two International Projects – the Managua Water project ending a two year commitment of $3,000 per year, and the one time Grand Bend Container project of about $5,700. This left a balance of about $11,300.

$1,000 grants of were directed to :

  • – Doug Thompson’s medical mission in Nicaragua, to help pay for transportation of medical supplies and equipment
  • – Homes for Hope A local volunteer group that builds many prefab homes in Loma Chata, El Salvador
  • – to the Ebola crisis through Doctors Without Borders which resulted in additional donations from the club members of $2,500.

Larger grants were directed to two Stratford Based organizations;

  • – $2,000 this year and next (total $4,000) to Change her World who work at improving the school experience for girls in Chilumba region part of the Northern Region of Malawi just south of Tanzanai,
  • – $6,250 this year and next (total $12,500) for Same World Same Chance with their matching funding to build a dormitory for their private school for girls in Kimbombome Zambia. This money will flow with progress reports and will end when a Rotary Emblem is placed on the building.

Residual grant -Our committee is always searching for Club members who travel internationally to see projects we support, and Mark Smith’s endeavours and his theater project and we granted the residue of the budget to that project. ( about $1,190).

We thank the board for allowing the committee to exceed our budget by $1,000 to cover a mathematical error I made.

Requests declined include the annual appeal from the Burton Club’s avoidable blindness project, a Major Pump Aid request for projects in Africa from an English Club, another request from the Grand Bend Club to fund a container shipment, a request from a Club in New York to participate in a Nyumbani based project In Nairobi, Kenya, and a request from a private individual trying to promote 6 local clubs to contribute to a project in Kenya and working through the Rotary Club of Brantford.

Other international Expenditures from the Club include the $3,000 budget item for Polio Plus, and the larger grant to Gift of Life completing a decision from the previous year for $25,000 over two years (14 & 15)