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RFP for Social Media Contractor

Request for Proposal – Social Media Services
Deadline for applying – October 26, 2018

1. Introduction

Established in 1922, The Rotary Club of Stratford is a local branch of Rotary International, a global network of more than 35,000 clubs and 1.2 million volunteer members worldwide. Our 115 local members are active community leaders and problem solvers who meet weekly to develop friendships and explore opportunities for service through our many projects and fundraisers. The motto of this non-political, non-sectarian service organization is, “Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change — across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves.
Rotary International has six areas of focus – conflict resolution, the environment, maternal & child health, community & social development, disease prevention & treatment, and basic education/literacy. The Four Way Test is very important to Club members. All activities, decisions and communications must be aligned with it.
Four Way Test

  • Is it the TRUTH?
  • Is it FAIR to all concerned?
  • Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

2. Purpose of RFP

In order to communicate Club activities and in order to manage our various fundraising activities to ensure efficiency and harmony, the Rotary Club of Stratford is seeking the services of a social media coordinator.
The position requires an individual with experience and skills in the following:
i. Review The Rotary Club of Stratford and associated committees’ (The Club’s) existing social media presence and provide advice on any necessary restructuring.
ii. Initiate and manage postings to The Club’s social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.) including postings for weekly meetings, events (7/year), and periodic special communications as directed.
iii. Build brand/Club awareness to increase attendance at events and enhance the Club’s ability to attract event sponsors, participants and potential members
iv. Acumen in working with volunteers, including training and encouraging members to engage on social media and provide appropriate content for The Club.
v. Able to review and edit material to insure a clear, consistent and positive message across social media platforms.
vi. Ensure alignment with any “supporting” social media sites such as Stratford Tourism, to ensure our message is seen.
vii. Coordinate responses to enquires from the social media platforms.
viii. Able to grow the social media presence of The Club and its many events.
ix. Use available analytics to measure success of The Club’s Social Media and any marketing campaign.
x. Maintain an effective schedule of regular quality event postings on Social Media.

Timeliness, readability, and accurate spelling and grammar are important and will be among the items influencing the decision regarding a long-term contract.
The social media coordinator will work closely with the Chair of the Club’s Public Relations Committee and Club President. Communication will also be held periodically with the chairs of other event committees so as to establish marketing plans and results.

3. Proposal Guidelines

In order to be considered for this contract, all bidders must include the following in the written bid:

  • Relevant training/work experience
  • Your working structure and working needs
  • Proposed approach
  • Examples of past work (this can be done through links)
  • A list of all personnel who will be involved — please include a resume for each individual
  • A cost proposal for the work, which we expect will include up-front costs for analysis and restructuring followed by a monthly invoicing/payment arrangement for maintenance all totaling no more than $3000 annually.
  • Appropriate references

The bid must be submitted no later than October 26, 2018.
Evaluation of proposals will be conducted between October 27, 2018 and November 7, 2018. We will contact bidders during this time if any information or discussions are needed. The short-listed bidders may be asked to make a short (30 minute) presentation to the selection committee.
The winning proposal will demonstrate an understanding of the values and focus of Rotary Club of Stratford and the Rotary Club of Stratford Charitable Foundation as well as its social media needs. The successful bidder will be chosen no later than November 9, 2018.

4. Contract Arrangements

The contract will begin with a 90 day trial period. If performance and results are satisfactory, an extended contract will be offered.
Evaluation of performance and results will include:

  • Demonstrated success through a growing following supported by analytics.
  • Review of quality and clarity of postings.
  • Effective alignment of postings across the social media platforms.
  • A clear plan for The Club’s future needs ensuring effective use of Social Media and an enhanced brand.

Note: This RFP is seeking contracted services only. There is no opportunity for full-time or permanent employment.