The Draw Master reserves the right to terminate a match that exceeds the allotted 2 hours time, if continuation of play negatively impacts the schedule of the Curling facility. This bonspiel shall be governed by the current OCA rules as posted.

  1. All games are eight ends in length.
  2. Free guard rule (four rock rule) shall be in effect.
  3. Tied games will be decided by each team throwing only one rock to the button, with sweeping allowed by throwing team. No sweeping permitted by the other team. If no rock settles in the house then the process is repeated in the same order as before. In the event of a tie in the A event semi-final game and all final games, a full end will be played toward the glass.
  4. Curlers may use the “Stick” for delivery of the stone.
  5. Games are scheduled to last only two hours. Prompt starting is important. When slow play is identified, (more than one end behind others) the draw master may rule to limit the number of ends played.
  6. Teams unable to field 3 players at scheduled start time will be penalised one point and one end for each 15 minutes delay. The game will be forfeited after 31 minutes of scheduled start by the draw master.

All teams losing their third game will be entered into this event. Teams will be paired based upon the accumulated wins/losses from previous games. Scoring for this event, to determine the top two teams will be based upon points in the following manner:

  • 10 points for a win.
  • 5 points for a tie.
  • 1 point for each end won
  • 1/2 point for a blank
  • 1/4 point for each score with no maximum

In the event there is a tie among two or more teams in total points, the draw master shall first consider the number of ends won by each team. If still tied then the differential in score in their game played in the F event.
In the event there is no conclusion from the above, then each team shall chose who on their team will throw one rock to the house that is closest to the button as in the breaking of a tie, preferably on the same ice they have just vacated. If this is not possible then on any ice chosen by the draw master at that location.