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August 31, 2017: Dan Kane, “Cyber Security and update on Clubrunner and  E clubs.”.   Charlene Gordon will introduce and Doug Thompson will thank our speaker.

Head Table:  Our President Linda Bathe, invites, Charlene Gordon, Stephen Chandler, Maryanne Wilson Cox, Bill Cozyn, Gerry Culliton, Keith Culliton and Ed Dujlovic, to join her at the head table.
This Week: Alisha Todd was our guest speaker today.  Alisha is a former Rotary exchange student, having spent a year in Brazil.  She fell in love with the country and its people and credits her experience with shaping her life.  She took International studies at University following high school.
Our program speaker Alisha Todd talking on her role in Falklands referendum. She is flanked by her parents Sue and Al.
Alisha is currently the Director General of ParlAmericas, based in Ottawa, an NGO that works to bring parliaments information on best practices within the hemisphere.  The particular goals include: climate change, gender equality and transparency of government.
Prior to her current position, Alisha was with Canadem, which was invited to put together an observation team during the Falkland Islands referendum in 2013.
Alisha gave a comprehensive review of the history of the Falkland Islands, which is disputed territory between the UK and Argentina.  Partly because of the difficult living conditions (windy climate and rocky terrain), there were several early attempts at settlement that were short-lived.  Ultimately the islands were inhabited on the eastern perimeter by the UK and the western perimeter by Argentina.  At present, it is an Overseas Territory of the UK, even though Argentina mounted a military action in 2000.  That action was seen by some as an attempt by Argentina to divert attention from its domestic difficulties and although it took the UK by surprise, the Argentine offensive was unsuccessful.
About 3000 live on the Falkland Islands today, and they are self governed with an elected Legislative Assembly of 8 members.  They make all decisions except for defence and foreign policy.  The main economic drivers are the fishery (mainly squid), tourism (about 60,000 visitors per year), agriculture (wool) and oil (since 1995).  Decisions about how best to use the oil reserves are still being made.
In March, 2013, the government of Canada was asked to head an observation mission to the Falkland Islands.  Made up of 8 independent observers from Canada, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, New Zealand, Uruguay and the USA, they spent a month on the islands.  They were determined to work as hard as they normally do in countries where a disputed outcome is anticipated so that there would be no question about the result.  Canada did not want to be perceived to have a UK bias.
The question was -Do you want to remain an Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom?
There were 1672 eligible voters.  The voter turnout was 92% and 98% of the voters were in favour of retaining the status quo.  Alisha remarked that in most countries with such a high majority, the outcome would be suspect but all the observers were completely confident in the result.  Both the referendum and the mission were considered successful.
Since the referendum, Canada has come out in favour of self-determination for the people of the Falkland Islands. This position may have ramifications for the people of Quebec in the future.
Argentina does not acknowledge the right of the Falkland Islanders to hold a referendum.  Alisha expects that the status quo will remain for the foreseeable future.
Alisha was introduced by her mom, Rotarian Sue Wakelin and thanked by her dad, Rotarian Al Wakelin.
Scribe: Wendy Anderson
Rotary Dragon Boat Team
Colleen Brown is assuming leadership of the Rotary team.  There are now 4 teams entered in the 200m Community team category.  If there is any more interest please contact the Dragon Boat committee.
Wanted: Photo Finish Photographer – Set up shop at the finish line during Dragon Boat Race Day and take photos as the boats come across the line. We are looking for members that would like to engage in this activity during race day that will help promote our Race Sponsors. Email or call Robert Ritz if you are interested.
Guests:  Today we welcomed: John Nader, M.P. , Doug Brown, Stratford, John Woollatt, Stratford, Colleen Devin, Stratford, Chris Wells, Indiana
Draw: The 2 draw prizes today were donated by Nick Aroutzidis, won by Brent Shackleton and Kevin Nonamura
Make-ups: No report
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