December 8 2016:  Philip Schroeder “Classification “. Our speaker will be introduced by George Schroeder and thanked by Diane Sewell.

Head Table:  Our President Kevin Silver, invites, George Schroeder, Paul Siberry, Dave Skinner, Alex Smith, Mark Smith, Jim Snider and Rena Orr Sperack, to join him at the head table.
This Week:  Stratford Respite House
Nick Aroutzidis (Rotary House committee Chair) Nicole Malcko, Nancy Farr, Kelly Brooks, and guess speaker Jarrett Petrie giving us update on Rotary House.
Nancy Farr provided an update of Stratford Respite House, soon to enter its 13th year.  Opening on January 16th 2004, the Respite House is much more than bricks and mortar.  It provides support for medically fragile, high needs children, most of whom have dual diagnoses.
The home is funded by the Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth.  Their goal is to assist caregiver parents to be the best that they can be by providing respite services for 48 weekends throughout the year and for 50 days during their summer program.  There are generally three children and two staff at the home.
Jarrett Petrie speaking on his experience at Rotary House
Jarrett Petrie, who has stayed at the house six the age of six, provided some interesting insights into his experiences over the last ten years.  He has enjoyed this past summers “Olympic Games”, swimming, camping, golfing, singing, and learning how to cook.
Nancy and Jarrett were accompanied by Kelly Brooks and Nicole Malcko. 
Nick Aroutzidis introduced Nancy and Ollie Henry thanked her.  Nick also generously donated next year’s rent for the Respite House.
Stratford Hospice
Members of Hospice Steering Committee attending the meeting
Andy Werner and Anne Fontana gave an update on behalf of the Stratford Perth Residential Hospice Steering Committee.  They were delighted to announce that the Huron Perth Hospice Palliative Care Collaborative Committee has recommended to the Southwest LHIN approval of two residential hospice sites in Huron and Perth.  There will be one board of directors and management team overseeing both sites.
Andy Werner announcing the almost go ahead for the Hospice Project and the Perth location behind Greenwood Court.
The Stratford Residential Hospice will be built on the vacant land behind Greenwood Court, with an ambitious timeline to open in March 2018.  Six beds have been tentatively approved for the opening, with an expectation that nine to twelve beds will be required in the future.  The second site, in Clinton, will have four beds initially with plans to grow to six to eight beds.
Andy emphasized that the Stratford Residential Hospice will be much more than bricks and mortar.  It will be a Centre of Excellence for Hospice Palliative Care and provide Volunteer Visiting Hospice Programs, 24/7 Secondary Level Palliative Care Outreach Team, Education programs, Day Wellness and Bereavement programs. 
Linda Bathe, Andy Werner and Ann Fontana hard working members of the Hospice Steering Committee sitting at head table.
Andy and Anne were accompanied by other committee members:  Eugene Dufour, Joan Ritsma, Dennis Young, Harry Brightwell, Jodilyn Taylor, Laurie Brown, Pat Wouters and Christine Seip.  
Linda Bathe introduced Andy and Anne.  Following the meeting, Mimi Price succeeded in outdoing Nick by donating two years’ rent for the land for hospice in Stratford. 
Odds and Ends
At the end of the meeting, President Ken declared it to have been the most exciting and interesting Club Ownership meeting ever.
During the meeting, it was odd to see that Guest Speaker Andy Werner and President Ken appeared to be in a sartorial competition to be the best dressed person in attendance.  Of course, Norm Briscoe was an easy winner. 
Scribe: Steve Lichty
 Club Announcements:
  1. Michael Fox announced that our club’s Short Story content was being launched today.  Further information will be provided shortly in an email to members.
  1. Katherine Hahn reminded the club of the need for volunteers for the concession booth.
  1. President Ken Silver advised that the University of Waterloo has selected this year’s recipient of the club’s scholarship.  He is a fourth year Global Business and Arts student from Dorchester.
  1. President Ken Silver also provided early notice that there will be three openings for Board Directors for next year. 
Guests: Today we welcomed Nicole Malcko, Kelly Brooks, Jarrett Petrie ( All from Family Services Huron Perth), Laurie Brown, Dennis Young, Anne Fontana, Andy Werner, Eugene Dufour, Joan Ritsma, Jodilyn Taylor, Pat Wouters and Christine Seip ( All from Hospice).
Draw: The draw prize today was a gift certificate for Rheo Thompson Chocolates and was won by Jodilyn Taylor.
Make-ups: Josef Frank, December 1 at the Rotary Club of Wilmot .
December’s Attendance Committee: Fritz Steigmeier (I/C), Clair McCallum, Guy Bellhumeur, Ollie Henry, Paul Roulston, Basil Hurst, John Kechnie, Mike Neilsen, David Rose