December 22 2016:  Christmas Program “Steve Rae to entertain,  Friends of Rotary invited”.

Head Table:  Our President Kevin Silver, will arrange the head table.
This Week:  Christopher Cantlon spoke today on ‘Etiquette 101’.  Born in Vancouver, Christopher taught for twenty-seven years before changing careers and attending the International Butler Academy in the Netherlands.
Rheo Thompson introducing our guest speaker and trained butler Christopher Cantlon who addressed the topic of Etiquette.
Christopher’s comments focussed on four areas: Introduction & Greeting; Doors, Stairs, Escalators and Elevators; Arriving & Departing; and Thank You
Notes.  He noted that protocol is not the same as etiquette – the former comprises hard and faster international rules which do not change while the latter focuses on accepted social conventions which evolve over time – for example, no longer is it necessary for men to open doors for women – now whoever reaches the door first opens it for the person following. 
When making introductions, introduce men to women and younger to older or higher ranking.  Include names for everyone plus a small detail that serves as an icebreaker for further conversation.  Don’t place purses, glass cases or cell phones on the table when dining.  Don’t sing a national anthem unless you are a citizen of that country.  Hosts lead guests when going up and down stairs.  Take inedible food items out of your mouth with the same device that you used to put the food into your mouth.  Hide the action with a napkin, but place the removed item on your plate, not in the napkin.  And a written thank you note is still preferable to an email (although an email is better than no thank you at all). 
Christopher was introduced by Rheo Thompson and thanked by Diane Sewell.  We are grateful that Christopher lives in Stratford so he was able to attend our meeting in spite of the blowy weather.
Scribe:  Charlene Gordon
  • Please sign up for a volunteer position at the Silver Stick Hockey Tournament.  The Tournament is at all three arenas this year so lots of hands are needed to sell programs and 50/50 tickets.  This is an important fundraiser for Minor Hockey so let’s not let them down.
  • Rick Orr announced $1,200 raised today for The Local Community Food Hub. 
  • The largest Aquabox build ever – 700 boxes! - is scheduled for January 21st.  The Aquabox committee is exploring adding ‘health & hygiene kits’ to the next round of boxes.
Guests: Today we welcomed Bill Wreford, John Wright and Lisa and Rick Breault.
Draw: The draw prize today was a gift certificate for an anonymous donor and was won by Kevin Silver.
Make-ups: Rena Orr, December 13 at the FCRC.
December’s Attendance Committee: Fritz Steigmeier (I/C), Clair McCallum, Guy Bellhumeur, Ollie Henry, Paul Roulston, Basil Hurst, John Kechnie, Mike Neilsen, David Rose.
January’s Attendance Committee: Peter Maranger (I/C), Gerry Culliton, Bob Martin, Ralph Robinson, Bill Arthur, Tracy Van Kalsbeek, Karel Hodgert, Bruce McLaren, Katelyn Aitcheson, Diane Sewell, Craig Pearce.