December 29 2016:  “fellowship lunch”

Head Table:  No Formal Head Table.
Our president. I have yet to take a bad picture of that man
This Week:  Today we had a great turnout by the Friends of Rotary to hear and sing along with past president Steve Rae and his guitar as he presented Christmas carols and songs.  One carol Steve sang and played solo is called Mary Did You Know?  A beautiful piece of music, and apparently only Elizabeth Gaffney and Steve knew the song – she was the only one to sing along with Steve.  Steve finished with a beautiful song he wrote called May You Find Peace – a wonderful program.
Program  musician and our own Steve Rae serenading us with a Christmas medley
Mimi Price introduced our talented musician and Michael Fox thanked Steve for what he did and what he didn’t do – tell one of his jokes. 
There were four winners in the Best Costume categories – Friends of Rotary - Lee Whyte, Doug Thompson, Elizabeth Gaffney and Sharon Malvern. 
Our absolutely superb caterer Lorrianne Rowe and her hard working staff were given a token of our thanks.
Merry Christmas everybody,
Your faithful scribe – DGP QC
Best shirt at meeting
Best and worst costumes at meeting. I will let you be the judge
L&M catering being thanked for wonderful year and great meals.
Guests: Today we welcomed Joan MacDermid, John Nater member of Parliament, Bev Young, Louise Schroeder, Freida Briscoe, Maurice Oliver - Past DG, Bev Hewitt, Mary Helen Clifford, Anneli White, Margaret Crawford, Pat Evans, Anne Waite, Karen Gruszczynski, Ying McCann, Connie Stewart, Eve Scott, Lisa Breault, Joyce Rogers, Carolyn Morris - Vancouver Island, Carolyn Lapier, Evan Lichty, JoAnn Hayter, Lorraine Shackleton, Gloria White, Ian Brown, Hellen Russell, Betty McCreadie
Draw: The draw prize today was a Gift Basket from Rheo Thompson and was donated by Paul Roulston and was won by Sue Wakelin.
Make-ups: Nothing to report.
December’s Attendance Committee: Fritz Steigmeier (I/C), Clair McCallum, Guy Bellhumeur, Ollie Henry, Paul Roulston, Basil Hurst, John Kechnie, Mike Neilsen, David Rose.
January’s Attendance Committee: Peter Maranger (I/C), Gerry Culliton, Bob Martin, Ralph Robinson, Tracy Van Kalsbeek, Karel Hodgert, Bruce McLaren, Katelyn Aitcheson, Diane Sewell, Craig Pearce.
A little smile. A word of cheer. A bit of love from someone near. A little gift from one held dear. Best wishes for the coming year. These make a Merry Christmas!