Posted by Nick Aroutzidis on Feb 15, 2019
February 21 2019: Jamie Sue Sykes, “Role in " First Contact" documentary”, Charlene Gordon will introduce, and Rena Orr will give thanks. 

Head Table:  Our President Paul Roulston, invites, Charlene Gordon, Steve Weed, Reg White, Wendy Wilkinson, Montana Wilson, Gezahgn Wordofa and Gary Wreford, to join him at the head table.

Today at Rotary:  Wendy Wilkinson – Classification Speech
Wendy Wilkinson’s family boasts a long association with the City of Stratford.  In 1909 her grandfather worked in the CNR shops as a machinist before taking up service in WWI.  Her mother, Doreen Allen, went to Central High School and then married Geoff Wilkinson an RAF Instructor.
Speaker Wendy Wilkinson introduced by Robert Ritz giving her classification talk (Interior Design).
Wendy’s travels started early in life when she and her siblings moved with their family to the Sudbury area (Copper Cliff) of Northern Ontario.  Her father taught school there and life was pretty stark and basic just like the landscape.  After Sudbury, the family moved south to the Croton & Dresden area of Southwest Ontario and found it to be a striking change.
Eventually Wendy made it to Stratford and she attended Central High School from grades 11 to 13.  While attending school Wendy worked part-time and her lifelong passion for fashion and design blossomed.  She studied fashion design at Ryerson and worked summers at the Festival Theatre. A variety of jobs followed including at the Information Centre Stratford and the wardrobe department of the Festival Theatre.  Wendy also studied Computer & Graphic Design at Conestoga College.
On the move once more Wendy’s next stop was London, England where she worked at `Liberty of London PLC, UK` as the Fabric Floor Advisor and was also the Sewing School Coordinator.  Wendy was married in England but returned to Canada after her daughter Kathryn was born. The couple ended up in Niagara Falls where her husband, who had been a policeman in London, worked for Canada Customs. Their son, Jordan, was born in Canada.
Oakville followed Niagara Falls and around this time Wendy joined the Mary Kay team and has worked for them for 25 years. Wendy’s own company, that provided custom sewing work, has transitioned into “Wendy Wilkinson Interiors” and she now performs a wide variety of design work for her customers. Some of her accomplishments include office, kitchen and bathroom renovations. Further she specializes in helping seniors; seniors in transition, those dealing with aging and finding practical solutions for them so that they can stay as long as possible in familiar surroundings.
Wendy found it an easy decision to join Rotary. She was impressed with our support of the Hospice; she has a strong interest in the International Committee, Membership and the Environment.  She has her smart serve designation and was a valuable member of the Dragon Boat Committee last year. 
Wendy is happy to be here and we’re glad she has chosen us. 
Scribe: John D. Wright
Rotary Catch the Ace Committee members giving proceeds of last years Catch the Ace of $40,000 to the Hospice members Lana Burchett and Anne Fontaine.
ADG Diane Yundt making a number of District announcements.
Guests: Today we welcomed David Daglish, Anne Fontanna - Stratford Perth Hospice Foundation, Amy Mullock - Scotiabank Stratford, AG Dianne Yundt – R.F.C.C.
Draw: A GC for Milky Whey Cheese donated by Rheo Thompson and the winner was Ollie Henry.
Newest member Lana Burchett introduced 2 meeting ago but not photographed.
Other newest member Kel Pero who also missed having picture 2 weeks ago.
Make-ups: No report. 
February’s Attendance Committee: Shawn Malvern (I/C), Ryan Erb, Rick Orr, Dan Kane, Wendy Anderson, Debra Swan, Michael Fox, Clare McCallum, Heidi Culliton.