February 13, 2020: Lucy Railton, “Search Engine opportunities”, Charlene Gordon will introduce and Paul Roulston will thank our speaker.
Head Table:  Our President Brent Shackleton, invites, Charlene Gordon, Kevin Nonomura, Berny Nymeyer, Rick Orr, Andrea Page, Doug Page and Craig Pearce, to join him at the head table.
Today at Rotary: Our speaker today was Cyndie Jacobs, a very active member of the Rotary Club of Uxbridge and a very busy community person being a leader in music organizations and other community events there. Her career was in teaching and service in the teacher's federation and the OSSTF.
Rotarian Cyndie Jacobs program speaker about Canadian connection to Winnie the Pooh. Flanked by friend Julia and Rotarian Rheo
But today Cyndie for us was the niece of Harry Colebourn the Veterinarian (Guelph grad) and owner of Winnie the black bear cub from White River and then Winnipeg who travelled with Harry the soldier in  1914 to London England, and who became acquainted with author A. A. Milne and his son Christopher Robin and who made so many friends that Walt Disney found him.
What a story! And how lucky we were to hear the story from Cyndie who had all the original photos and even pictures of Harry Colebourn's diary to embellish the story for our ears and eyes - and the books by A.A Milne and books by two girl writers in the Colebourn family.
Cyndie's talk filled in the details that made the story so much more interesting. We learned how Harry was training Winnie while they were together at Val Cartier and London and how Winnie learned to stand upright and how he became a favourite for  the crowds at the London zoo where he spent the war years. We learned that Christopher Robin knew a swan at the zoo that shed some feathers and should the feathers land on Winnie's nose, one could imagine that Winnie would say "pooh" to blow them away.
So we have an international story that has a BIG Canadian connection. Cyndie and her family help to keep it going - even to feature Harry Colebourn every November 11 in Uxbridge with posters on the lamp posts.
Cyndie Jacobs was introduced by Brent Shackleton and thanked by Dan Kane.
Scribe: Norm Bird
Guests: Today we welcomed.  
We will be holding the Honour Student Banquet this year on Thursday, May 21, 2020 at the Rotary Complex.
New Club Website: Garry Wreford introduced our new website and the committee who are working on it - Charlene Gordon, Mike Gruszczynski, Katherine Hahn, Dan Kane, Gary Wreford. The new website is built on Clubrunner.
Gary Wreford talkiing about revision of Rotary Website and  Clubrunner
The committee would like everyone to  google the site https://portal.clubrunner.ca/1074 and familiarize yourself with the contents. Communicate errors or omissions to: rotarywebsiteupdates@gmail.com.
You can get your tickets for week 2 at Libro Credit Union, Black Angus Bakery & Catering, or MacLeod's Scottish Shop, or next Saturday at the Stratford and District Agricultural Society & Farmers' Market or Festival Marketplace Shopping Centre.
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Guests: Julia Elliott.
Foundation Draw: Draw: The draw prize was won by Lynn McKone.
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February’s Attendance Committee: Ryan Erb (I/C), Rick Orr, Elizabeth Gaffney, Dan Kane, Debra Swan, Michael Fox, Katelyn Aitcheson, Clare McCallum, Wendy Anderson.