January 16, 2020: Tom and Deb Shurrie, “Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers”, Doug Page will introduce, and Roger Black will thank our speaker.
Head Table:  Our President Brent Shackleton, invites, Doug Page, Angus MacDermid, Ian MacLean, Ken Malvern, Shawn Malvern and Peter Maranger, to join him at the head table.
Today at Rotary: We had the pleasure of welcoming Sarah Brown to the podium today with a very interesting presentation on her work with the John Howard Society in our community. It was a double pleasure to welcome her Grandmother Betty Gaffney to the head table and to have Sarah`s mother Elizabeth Gaffney introduce her daughter.
Guess speaker Sara Brown flanked by grandmother and Rotarian Mom Elizabeth Gaffney.
It was through Sarah`s choice to study sociology at Queen`s that may have helped grow her interest in programs that help folks who are in trouble with the criminal justice system. Sarah is the Bail Supervisor for Stratford and Perth County as part of the work of the John Howard Society that is based in London Ontario for this area. As bail supervisor she works with individuals who have allegations. (The term allegations is a better word to use that charges). The bail terms are set by the court. In her work with individuals she is sometimes a support person and sometimes a regulator. If an individual does not show up as required by the bail, then they may be arrested.
It was easy to see that this work could be challenging with plenty of things to be negotiated. it is also easy to see that Sarah has found this work to be fulfilling for her. We wish her success in the work and hope that the individuals helped by this program have positive outcomes.
Scribe: Norm Bird
Guests: We welcomed Laura Pogson from the Festival City club, Jim Wilson and Betty Gaffney.
Foundation Draw: No Draw.
Michael Fox announcing successful Cookies and Carols night at Falstaff School netting $562
Gerry Thuss announcing our 3rd “ Catch the Ace” start up Feb 1, 2020
Make-ups: Nothing to Report
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January’s Attendance Committee: Charlene Gordon (I/C), Craig Pearce, Peter Maranger, Karel Hodgert, Doug Page, Patricia Riehl, Tony Carter, Colleen Devine