Posted by Nick Aroutzidis on Jun 10, 2017
June 15, 2017:  John Lawrence “Clean Water project”.  Charlene Gordon will introduce our speaker and Pat Feryn will thank our speaker.

Head Table:  Our President Kevin Silver, invites, Charlene Gordon, Rena Spevack Orr, Gord Steed, Fritz Steigmeier, Doug Thompson and Rheo Thompson, to join him at the head table.
Our guest speaker Kevin Nonomura with his wife Denise giving classification talk-Accounting.
This Week:  Our featured speaker today was Kevin Nonomura who gave his classification talk.  Kevin and his wife Denise are newly retired to Stratford and enjoying the city very much.  With Kevin’s background as an accountant, he explained that they prepared a spreadsheet comparing all the communities that they visited when searching out their retirement home.  They were looking for proximity to family, the right size and amenities, a community that would support their interests and the ability to find a suitable home backing on to green space.  Stratford came out on top of the list.  Similarly, Kevin carefully considered joining the Rotary Club of Stratford, even requesting a copy of the financial statements before making the final decision to submit his application. 
Kevin’s interests include golf, fly fishing, wine, travel and watching sports.  He is very proud of Denise’s accomplishments as a visual artist, specializing in soft pastels, which she has taken up again since retiring from a career as a pharmacy technician.  Their two sons are established in London and Kitchener.  They have been on 4 Build Missions in Kenya, Jamaica and Alberta following the flooding there and also the fire at Slave Lake.
Kevin’s career path involved 16 years as an accountant/controller with three successively larger companies and then 19 years with the Toronto Raptors/Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment (MLSE).  Ultimately, he became the Senior Vice President of Finance with MLSE in 2010.  He retired in July/15.  He greatly enjoyed his time at MLSE, although the hours were long and often 7 days a week.  He was directly involved in the construction of the ACC, and in the league reporting and audit requirements for both sports teams.  He was treasurer of the Raptors Foundation/MLSE Foundation until 2016 and remains a member of the Finance Committee (volunteer positions). He has always been a Raptors fan and has developed a tolerance for the Maple Leafs. 
Kevin and Denise came to Stratford without knowing anyone who lived here.  Rotarian friends from Midland encouraged them to check out Rotary.  Kevin was looking for volunteer activities in Stratford in an inclusive organization that makes a significant impact.  He and Denise appreciate the friendship of his sponsor, Doug and Val Thompson.  Kevin has become involved in the finance committee – no surprise there – and has volunteered at several events to date.  Kevin is very happy with his choice to become a Rotarian.  It is safe to say that we are also happy with that choice.
John Wright expressed appreciation on behalf of the club.
Scribe: Wendy Anderson
New Member Today – Patricia Redshaw, manager of the Stratford Libro branch, was welcomed as our newest member when she was introduced by her sponsor, Robert Ritz.
Our newest member Patricia Redshaw introduced by Rotarian Robert Ritz -Classification Banking
Strategic Plan – Paul Roulston completed the presentation from last week’s meeting and answered questions arising from the material that he circulated earlier in the week.  More discussion to follow at future meetings.
Guests: Today we welcomed, Denise Nonomura, Stratford, Teresa Chambers, Stratford.
Draw: A Canada 150 Flag and stand, donated by Ollie Henry, was won by Michael Fox.
Attendance Ribbons – Our President Kevin presented the Ribbons to the following members:
200 – Ralph Robinson
600 – Charlene Gordon
1100 – Nick Aroutzidis
1300 – George Schroeder
2200 – Bert Clifford
Make-ups: No report
Jennifer's Graduating Class and picture Cape Dorset
June’s Attendance Committee: Brent Shackleton (I/C), John Carruthers, Gary Lingard, Paul Siberry, Doug Page, Pat Feryn, Jerry McEwin, Lisa Breault
July’s Attendance Committee:  Bob Lightfoot (I/C), Tina Buechler, Jim Snider, Bill Braun, Rheo Thompson, Dan Vito, Steve Lichty, Reg White, Bill Lemmon