Posted by Nick Aroutzidis on Jun 24, 2018
June 28, 2018: Kevin Silver and Paul Roulston, “Presidents Farewell”

Head Table:  Our President Linda Bathe, invites all major chairpersons, to join her at the head table.
This Week:   Today a group of 11 Rotarians from Croatia visited our Club.  This was part of the Rotary Friendship  Exchange.  Ron Shaw visited Croatia in May and advised that everyone was treated very well by host families and the groupsaw parts of the country which are not normally seen by tourists.
Speaker Sasa Marenjak introduced by Rotarian and Cultural Exchange organizer Ron Shaw speaking on Croatia.
The Croatia group was led by M. Sasa Marenjak, District Governor for Zagreb District 1913, who told us that his work as a district governor has been a “beautiful experience”.
He reviewed the history of the country going back prior to Roman times.  Croatia was part of Yugoslavia until 1991 when it gained independence.  It is a parliamentary democracy with a population of 4.3 Million.  85% of the population own the homes they live in.  It is the 3rd most visited country in Europe and second for sailing tours.  Major industries are tourism, agriculture and service industries.  The country takes great pride in their world class athletes and sports teams. Sasa also talked of famous Croatians which include, Marco Polo – Asian explorer (1254-1324) and a number of important innovators and inventors.
The first Rotary club in Croatia was chartered in 1929, however during WW II and under communist rule Rotary activity was stopped.  The clubs in Croatia were re-chartered in 1990.  There are now 55 clubs with 1,500 members in the district.  Three banners were presented to our Club.
Croatia is part of Zone 19 and District Governor Bane Randjelovic told us that the zone covers 14 countries in Central and Eastern Europe and also includes Israel. The zone has 19,600 Rotarians (an increase of 800 in the past year), including 669 clubs and 9 districts.
The group thanked us for our hospitality and invited Rotarians to include Croatia in their travel plans.
The Croatian Group was introduced by Ron Shaw and thanked by Linda Bathe.
Scribe: Gord Sherwin
Paul Harris Award
Tim McDonald, President of Ideal Supply was given a Paul Harris Award for his extensive generosity and volunteerism in the community.  He was also instrumental in the establishment of the partnership which undertook the search for the Franklin Expedition which successfully located the sunken ship in the Arctic.  Tim’s father was a past president of the Listowel Rotary Club.
Tim MacDonald surrounded by family receiving Paul Harris Fellow from Rotary Club. Presented by Jim Young.
Guests: Rotary Club of Zagreb Sesvete (Center), Marija Bulht, Tanja Pcazonic, Borka Boizivec, Ana Sijokavic, Zlatko Vlatcic, Sasa Marenjak, Miroscav Haspl, Rado Zic, Terezya Marenyak, Myrna Inglis, PAG Jim Sillers, Imlay City, Anthony Morgado, France, David Butler, Sarnia, PDG Tanya Wolff, Sarnia, Matt Smith, Stratford, Judy Roulston, Stratford
Tim & Heidi Culliton Stratford, Colleen MacDonald, Listowel (PHF recipient), Tim McDonald, Stratford, Alexandra MacDonald, Startford, Jean Aictheson, Fesitval City Club
Croatian Cultural exchange Rotarians who visited Stratford and were hosted by our club for three days
Foundation Draw – Walter Bathe donated a GC from Butcher and Baker, Michael Fox was the winner.
Make-ups: no report
Rotary Announcements: 
Katherine Hahn—The Car Rally is quickly approaching, early bird registration ends June 30.  To enter the Car Rally you need a car, a driver and a navigator.  You can register on line or send Katherine an email and she will make sure you get registered.
Charlene Gordon would like to wrap up the Committee composition this coming year so if you are looking to change committees please let her know.  The Property Committee is looking for a couple new members to help with set up and tear down of the meetings.
Invoices have been sent out for membership renewal. If you are planning to change your membership status please let Charlene or Ralph know ASAP.
We are working on an inventory of items owned by the Club, we have shared our parking signs with the hospice for their ground breaking tonight.
Michael Fox:  Sloppy Joe and The Dust Bunnies are playing at the Rib and Bluesfest this Sunday at 2:00 pm, sponsored by our Club.
Peter Maranger: Philip Schroeder is taking over the Adopt a Highway program of our Club.  It is a great program of Rotary in Action.
President’s Corner
This is such an exciting day for me and all the people in this club and in this community, who have volunteered or donated to the Hospice project. I know there were times when we thought this would never happen but this evening we will hold our much-anticipated Stratford Perth Rotary Hospice ground breaking celebration.  We expect guests at 5:30 with the formal part of the event starting at 5:45. From 6:30 to 7:30 we will move to an open house in the gymnasium at Greenwood. I hope many of you can come even just to have a piece of cake.
Now I would like to take a moment to do something that is a bit overdue. (I would have done this sooner, but Jim Young was on a well-deserved holiday) In 2010 The Rotary Club of Stratford Charitable Foundation was audited by CRA and a few issues were identified.  On May the 6th I received a copy of an email from Jim Young to the Legislation Committee with the following quote “We have now completed all the items identified by the CRA auditor in 2010 and have put the Foundation in a good position to move forward.”   I know this represents hours of painstaking and usually thankless work.  So, I would like Jim Young, Steve Lichty, Marcia Matsui, Mimi Price, Andrea Page, Chris Thomson and Gerry Culliton, all members of the Legislation Committee, to stand so we can show them our appreciation.  There is no rest for this group as they turn their attention to the club by laws in the fall.
Thanks for all you do.
June’s Attendance Committee:  Kevin Silver (I/C), Dave Scott, Gary Lingard, Paul Siberry, Pat Shewen, Doug Page, Pat Feryn, Jerry McEwin, Lisa Breault.