Posted by Nick Aroutzidis on Jul 02, 2017
July 06, 2017: Linda Bathe “Incoming President presentation”.   
Hall decorated for Canada Day Celebration.

Head Table: President Linda, invites all major chairpersons to join her on the head table.
Past Wendy and incoming Linda presidents surrounding Kevin outgoing president. Wendy did slide show of his year and accomplishments.
This Week: Today was President Kevin's last meeting.  Past president Wendy Anderson did a year in review which highlighted many of the club's accomplishments led by President Kevin.  Most noteworthy was Kevin's smiling face as he received cheques from our many fundraising projects!   Also noteworthy were the impressive number of important projects that these funds went toward such as the food bank, Soccer Association, Hospice, Request Committee, international projects, World Children's Theatre and others.
Silver for Gold / Linda presented Kevin  with gold medal for accomplishments during his year.
Michael Fox presented a Paul Harris Fellow to Kevin and wife pinned him.
Michael Fox, who sponsored Kevin to the club, talked of Kevin's love of family and his community. 
President Kevin replied by first thanking the following:
  • The Board of Directors.
  • Officers of the Club.
  • all four Sergeants-at-arms.  
  • Bulletin editor and scribes.
  • the Program Committee.
  • the Property Committee.
  • the Attendance Committee.
  • the remaining 40+ committees.
  • the past presidents.
President Kevin asked the 11 new members of the club to stand and be recognized and asked the members of the club to ensure that they are always welcome and asked the new members to be involved.
Kevin presenting Linda with ceremonial jacket to start her year. Not exactly her size.
He reminded us of our international motto for his year, "Rotary Serving Humanity".
This year, the club examined all of fundraising projects, both new and old and was proud that we completed and approved the Club's Strategic Plan.
Obviously, the Hospice was an important project for the cub and Kevin thanked Linda and Harry for all their work on this important project.
Steve Rae closed out the meeting with some true Canadian music including a sing a long to This Land Was Made For you and me
Lastly, he thanked Michael Fox for introducing him to the club and asked Steve Rae to finish by singing some quintessential Canadian songs.
Thank you President Kevin for a great year!
Scribe: Ron Shaw
  • Mark Smith announced the upcoming charity hockey game between the actors and technical staff of the Stratford Festival on Monday July 10, 2017.  All welcome.
  • Elizabeth Gaffney announced that the Rotaract is doing so well they have returned our cheque to us.  They do not require the funds.
  • President Kevin read a letter from the University of Waterloo thanking us for supporting them with a $2,500 Charitable Foundation award.
Kevin reading thank you note form University of Waterloo Dean  for $2500 rotary scholarship awarded to University Student.
Arlene presenting a returned cheque from Rotaract for Rotary money not needed by group.
Draw: The foundation draw for a gift card donated by John Wright was won by Steve Rae which seems fitting given that he changed his travel plans to come and sing for us.
Guests: Today we welcomed, Jake Homan, Susan Fox – Stratford, Debra Swan, Sara Brown – Stratford, John Woollatt – Stratford, Laura Pogson - Festival City Rotary Club, Luka Djurovic.
Make-ups: No report
July’s Attendance Committee:  Jim Snider, (I/C), Tina Buechler, Bill Braun, Rheo Thompson, Dan Vito, Steve Lichty, Reg White, Bill Lemmon, Bob Lightfoot, Pat Redshaw.