Posted by Nick Aroutzidis on Mar 24, 2018
March 29, 2018: Pat Redshaw “Classification”, Robert Ritz will introduce, and Debra Swan will thank our speaker.

Head Table:  Our President Linda Bathe, invites Robert Ritz, Ryan Erb, Patrick Feryn, Ian Fisher, John Fisher, Michael Fox and Josef Frank, to join her at the head table.
This Week: Our guest speaker today was Elizabeth Payne, who has been the proprietor of The Milky Whey Cheese Shop on Ontario Street in Stratford.
Our guest speaker Elizabeth Payne introduced by Colleen Devine  talking about cheese and her cheese shop “the Milky Whey”
After 22 years working in marketing for the Waterford/Wedgewood Company, Elizabeth was a casualty of the 2008 economic downturn.  She had relocated to Stratford in 2001 and by the end of 2009 she had opened her shop.
There were many reasons that Liz chose to go into business for herself with a Cheese Shop.  She loves cheese – the taste and aroma of fine cheese as well as the history of cheese as an important food group.  She has had a long-standing appreciation for the food industry and high regard for those who grow, produce and prepare good food.  Stratford is home to many authentic food experiences as it is in the centre of a rich agricultural area, where local food is highly valued.
The types of cheeses that Liz offers in her shop are the kinds that are not found in supermarkets.  She sells fine Canadian and European cheeses, mainly made using artisanal and small batch methods.  Cheeses in her shop are made from the milk of cows, sheep, goats and even water buffalo.  She reminded us that good cheese isn’t cheap and cheap cheese isn’t good. The price of cheese is often based on the availability of the milk being used to make it.  Milk made from sheep’s milk is often the most expensive.  She also sells other products that go with cheese – crackers, dips and other accompaniments.
Liz emphasizes the relationship that she has developed with her customers. She tries to find out what her customers are looking for and makes recommendations.  She offers a sample to taste before a decision is made. All the cheese she sells is cut fresh from the block.  In the winter months she offers ‘pairing afternoons’ where people can taste how particular cheeses and wine or beers go together.  These afternoons can have a regional theme or be designed to suit a particular group.  Dates are set out on her web site.
Liz closed by saying how much she enjoys being part of the community in Stratford and enjoying the support she has received since 2009.
Like all independent businesses, Liz is often asked to support various causes.  She must make some hard choices but we at Rotary are especially pleased that she participates in our Rural Urban night offering samples during social hour.
Liz was introduced by Colleen Devine and thanked by Wendy Anderson.
Scribe:  Wendy Anderson
New Member:
Steve Weed, a graphic designer and spouse of Rotarian Diane Sewell, was introduced to the club today by his sponsor Jim Scott.  Steve has already been active on the Aquabox committee for some time.  Welcome Steve.
Jim Scott introducing our newest member Steven Weed, classification Graphic Design.
Jean Aitcheson from morning club thanking us for 30 tickets we purchase each year for their Spaghetti Dinner this year held on May 14.
Guests:  Today we welcomed: Steve Weed, Jean Aitcheson (FCRC), Darcy Krahn, and Laura Pogson (FCRC).
Draw: Winners today were Ralph Robinson and Wendy Anderson – tickets to the curling championships, and Walt Bathe received a gift certificate to The Milky Whey Cheese Shop, anonymously donated.
Rotary Announcements March 22, 2018
Our club is entering one of its busiest periods in terms of volunteer opportunities.  Please check Club runner if you are able to help with Catch the Ace, parking at Canadian Dairy Expo, the Stratford Home and Leisure Show, the Rural Urban night, or the 50/50 Draw at the Canadian Seniors Curling Championship (check email from President Linda or contact Sue Wakelin).
Ron Shaw is organizing hosts for the group of Croatian Rotarians who will be here in June.  He mentioned that many of them are professional people, including some doctors and architects among others.  Contact Ron for more details.
Jean Aitcheson, of the morning club, thanked our club for the contribution of 30 tickets for their upcoming Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser.  These will be distributed to Shelter Link, the House of Blessing and the Salvation Army.  She encouraged members to support this event at the Army Navy hall on May 14.  Tickets are $15 each and are available from Festival City Club members.
CDX Parking – Members are needed to assist with parking at the CDX at the Rec Complex on April 4 and 5.
The date and time for set up March 31 from 9:00-Noon. The days we direct people to park is April 4 and 5 with shifts starting at 6:30 and finishing a 3:00.
As a participant you get lunch and coffee, a Rotary Toque and your name entered into a draw for a $50 Canadian Tire Gift Card! You can also credit this as a meeting make up!
Please check club runner or call Robert Ritz 519-271-4603 to set up a time when you can assist.
Make-ups: No report
March’s Attendance Committee: Rob Russell (I/C), Jim Scott, Dave Bean, Walt Bathe, John Wright, Andrea Page, Chris Thomson, Al Wakelin, Jo-Anne Hood Tidman, Doug Brown.
April’s Attendance Committee:  Rena Spevak Orr (I/C), Sarah Hamza, Gary Morris, Ron Shaw, Roger Black, Mark Smith, Tony Carter, Patti Riehl, Guy Chadsey