Posted by Nick Aroutzidis on Mar 10, 2019
March 14, 2019: Junior achievement + PH fellow St Patrick’s Day  Celebration, Katherine Hahn will introduce and John Hood Tidman will give thanks. 

Head Table:  Our President Paul Roulston, invites, Katherine Hahn, Ron Bean, Guy Bellehumeur, Norm Bird, Roger Black and Carolyn Blackburn, to join him at the head table.

Today at Rotary: Today at Rotary, Our meeting today was a club assembly featuring club announcements by President Paul, how to display your event information on the club website the district 6330 website and  the Stratford website by Katherine Hahn, and information on our club's  international projects by Pat Feryn and Doug Thompson.
President Paul giving Presidents Corner information at Club ownership meeting
On club business, Paul announce that Kevin Nonomura will take over as the club treasurer starting the next Rotary year. There will be future information on club accounting services.
On strategic planning, Paul noted that the planning changes introduced in the past year following considerable input from members has worked well. He announced that we will continue to look to the future with member input to future planning changes.
On membership, Paul praised the work of Linda Bathe and noted that we now have added 5 new members and there are prospects for another new member soon. Paul noted that credit for finding new members goes to the many members who propose them and with that he listed the members who have each introduced at least 3 members. This list includes Harry Brightwell, Roger Black, Steve Rae, Ken Nesbitt, Gerry Culliton, Angus MacDermid, Robert Ritz, Jim Young, and Bert Clifford.
On work with indigenous students, Paul noted that Melissa Black, a student we hosted from a Northern Ontario reserve inquired about the possibility of a treadmill for her school. Paul was able to show us the picture of the treadmill that was arranged and sent by our club in the school.
Katherine Hahn used power point slides of clubrunner to demonstrate how a club event planner would use club runner and the event planner page there. It leads one through the series of steps - "create new event" - "the event details" - "spreading the word" - "the detail page". From there one goes to the district 6330 web page and "upcoming events".
Pat Feryn listed and briefly described the international projects that our club supported this year. They are: Butembo, DRC (Congo), Change Her World (Malawi), Mark Smith's theatre project (El Salvador), Homes for Hope (El Salvador), Guatemala project,  and Commit (Nicaragua).
Harry Brightwell explained that the Butembo project began 6 years ago and is just now complete. It consisted of a solar panel installation to supply electric power to  power oxygen concentrators for two hospitals providing oxygen for patients. The club's cost of approximately CDN$11000 was supported by a Canadian Government grant and a Rotary Foundation grant for a total of approximately CDN$57000.
Doug Thompson reviewed the commit project. Commit is a project of the Rotary Club of Stratford Charitable Foundation and serves very poor villages south of Managua, Nicaragua. It takes care of health, clean water, sanitation, eco friendly stoves, sustainable agriculture, education programs, and a bus. A work team recently returned from the site despite some concerns about travel safety. Although expensive, wells are a preferred choice for clean water. The team even is considering a water tower and distribution pipes to further make clean water accessible. Because agriculture is not productive during the dry season, future plans will focus on garden pots with quality soil and irrigation to increase food production.
Scribe - Norm Bird
for anyone wishing more information on Dan Kane’s research on WWII here is a link to the source
Longstanding attendance ribbons given to Dave Hunt ( 2300 consecutive meetings ) and Roger Black ( 1800 consecutive meetings )
The following is the list of Rotary members that introduced three or more members to our Club:
Steve Rae, Robert Ritz, Peter Maranger, Roger Black, Jim Young, Harry Brightwell, Angus McDermott, Bert Clifford, Ken Nesbitt, Gerry Culliton,  and Nick Aroutzidis.
Guests:  Today we welcomed Laura Pogson from the Festival City club, David Dagleish from Stratford and Amy Mullock from Scotiabank.
Draw: Michael Fox was the recipient of today's draw which was a gift certificate donated by Bob Lightfoot
Rotary Announcements
Rural Urban Night – Thursday, April 18 at the Rotary Complex – Social at 6, Dinner at 7.  Tickets will be available at regular Rotary meetings starting March 7.  $35.00 each.  Reserved seating available for tables of 8 or more.
Catch the Ace – the first draw of the new round will be held on March 16th.  Volunteer opportunities available.  Check Clubrunner, please.
Home and Leisure Show -  April 12-14, Rotary Complex
Make-ups: No report. 
March’s Attendance Committee: Sarah Hamza (I/C), Jim Scott, John Wright, Andrea Page, Chris Thomson, Al Wakelin, Jo-Anne Hood Tidman, Doug Brown.