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November 8, 2018: Ms.  Lisa Hutchison, “Remebrance Day program. Reflections from her past”, Doug Thompson will introduce, and Diane Sewell will thank our speaker.

Head Table:  Our President Paul Roulston, invites, Doug Thompson, Jim Hayes, Ollie Henry, Jo-Anne Hood Tidman, John Hood Tidman, Dave Hunt, and Basil Hurst, to join him at the head table.

Today at Rotary:   The Legacy of Youth Exchange
Our speaker today was Dr. Shelley MacDermid Wadsworth, daughter of Rotarian Angus and Joan MacDermid.  Shelley grew up in Stratford, graduating from Stratford Central in 1978, receiving her undergraduate degree from the University of Guelph in family studies, and attending Penn State on a full academic scholarship where she earned her MBA, MSc., and her PhD.  The focus of her studies was examining how families re-adjust after a period of separation, like youth exchange or military service. Shelley works at Purdue University in Indiana and resides in Lafayette, Indiana with her husband Mike.
Dr Shelley MacDermid-Wadsworth with parents Angus and Joan talking on the” Legacy of Exchange”.
In 1975-76, Angus and Joan sent their 15 year old daughter off to New Zealand as one of the early exchange students sponsored by our club.  It was the first time she had ever been on an airplane, and because of the cost, she and her parents shared one ten minute telephone call in the whole time that Shelley was away.  Shelley proudly wore her Rotary Exchange jacket, a gift from the club at that time, today.  A great accomplishment some 43 years later.
Shelley shared some photos from her exchange trip, mentioning the highlights that she recalls fondly from her year on Rotary exchange and from subsequent visits back to New Zealand.  She continues to cherish fond family connections that were made during her year on exchange.
In preparation for her talk today, Shelley pondered how her life might have been different if she had not gone on exchange.  Exchange students can find themselves feeling very alone and isolated while they are away.  Cultural norms in their adopted country can be very different (for example, house design) from what they are used to, and care must be taken to express appreciation for those differences so that the hosts do not mistake comments for criticism.
While there are positive experiences and challenges along the way, for Shelley one of the most important things was the confidence that she developed during her year.  As most exchange students do, she received suggestions and encouragement from the adults who were part of her exchange.  This support was beyond what non-exchange teens normally receive from the adults in their home setting.  As a result, Shelley felt that she was given permission to dream big.  And so she did.
Shelley developed a love for travel that continues to this day.  She embraced the challenge of going to the USA for her post graduate studies. She accepted leadership positions in her work as Director of the Centre for Families, and the Military Family Research Institute at Purdue University.  She has been invited to participate in family studies initiatives spearheaded by Michelle Obama and has been called on to speak at the Pentagon and the White House.
Shelley is most appreciative of the support she has received from her parents and her husband and remains very thankful to the Rotary Club of Stratford for the confidence they placed in her so many years ago.
Club members were delighted that Angus so capably introduced his daughter, following his health challenges this summer.  Shelley was sincerely thanked by Norm Bird, who was involved in Youth Exchange for many years.
Scribe:  Wendy Anderson
Rotary Announcements
Hospice – Linda Bathe reminded members of the Dickens Christmas Carol event being held on December 7 at the Festival Theatre.  All proceeds, again this year, are going to the Hospice.
The Hospice Board has hired its Executive Director, who will be moving to Stratford shortly and who will be transferring her Rotary membership to our Club.  Her husband will be joining the Festival City club.  A win-win situation for all!
Christmas Craft Show – Kevin Silver reminded us that this annual event is coming up in ten days.  There are still prime volunteer opportunities available so please check on Club Runner.
Aquabox -A brief video clip was shared about the Global Medic/Rotary Club of Stratford Aquabox distribution efforts that helped 299 families in the wake of the recent flooding in India.  This clip will be available on our Facebook page.
There will be an Aquabox build on Saturday November 24 at 9 a.m.
Award Presentations for the 2017-2018 Rotary year
Martin Ward, Past District Governor giving our club a Legacy award and also award for Polio Plus work to Past President Linda. Assistant governor Diane Yundt  also present.
Past District Governor Martin Ward and Assistant Governor Diane Yundt presented two awards to Past President Linda Bathe.  The first came from the Rotary Foundation and recognized significant contributions to the End Polio campaign.  The second was the Rotary International Citation which was awarded to only 8 clubs in our district this year.  The Citation recognizes an extensive list of activities and achievements within the Rotary year.  Linda thanked Club Secretary Charlene for her help in filling out the paperwork that was submitted to receive the Citation.  Well done Rotary Club of Stratford!
Guests:  Today we welcomed: Mike MacDermid Wadesworth - Lafayette, Indiana, Joan MacDermid – Stratford, Shelly MacDermid - Lafayette, Indiana, Laurie Mitchell – Stratford, Randy Munningsl – Stratford, Dianne  Yundt – FCRC., R L Read – Stratford, Martin Ward (PAG) - Rotary Grand Bend, Myrna Inglis - Rotary Walkerton, Laura Pogson – FCRC, Joseph Breault - St Mikes, Stratford, Melanie Daum - St Mikes, Stratford, Joelene Cardiff - St Mikes, Stratford, Enrique Laryza Soravian - St Mikes, Stratford 
Visiting interact exchange students from St Michaels and Mitchell exchange student from Bolivia (2nd from left)
Draw: Patti Riehl was the lucky winner for the second week in a row.  This time she won a quilted table runner made and donated by Wendy Anderson.
Make-ups: No report. 
November’s Attendance Committee: Jim Young (I/C), Marcia Matsui, Dave Skinner, Philip Schroeder, Gerry Thuss, Sue Wakelin, Clark Mitchell, Carolyn Blackburn.