Posted by Nick Aroutzidis on Nov 02, 2017
November 9, 2017: Alan Wakelin, “Remembrance Day Service”, Rheo Thompson will introduce and Jim Scott will thank our speaker.

Head Table:  Our President Linda Bathe, invites, Rheo Thompson, Gary Morris, Mike Neilson, Ken Nesbitt, Kevin Monomura and Berny Nymeyer, to join her at the head table.
This Week: Today our speaker was club member Montana Wilson who presented her classification talk.
Guest Speaker Montana Wilson classification Civil Engineering introduced by Mimi Price
Montana is a professional civil engineer working in the geotechnical field and is a manager with MTE Consulting Engineers here in Stratford. She grew up in Brantford and studied civil engineering at Queens University in Kingston. She began work in Stratford with Naylor Engineering Consultants about 10 years ago and during that time did her Master of Applied Science at Western in London.  
She and her husband live in Tavistock and they have two children 2 and 4.
Although we know that Montana's career is in a traditional man's world, she exudes confidence in a matter of fact manner that tells us that her career suits her. Overseeing 10 employees and with responsibilities that take her to drill rig sites, wind turbine sites, land development sites etc. have led her to comment that she has had good working relationships and has gained many friends. She is a volunteer with an engineering organization and with the local Builders Association.
Montana is quickly getting involved in Rotary and has found our club to be a friendly place. We hope that this will lead to her finding places for her talents in the Stratford community.   
Scribe: Norm Bird
Guests:  Today we welcomed: Bob Malcolmson, Stratford, Val Van Couvvenberg, Belguim, Wendy Wilkinson, Stratford, Andrea Reichert (a new member introduced today) and the following members of the St. Michael School Interact Club  - Andrea Famme, Brandon Armstrong,  Hunter Voiley and Sara Edinger.
Draw: The draw prize today was theatre tickets donated by Sarah Hamza and was won by Ken Nesbitt.
We welcome our New Member Andrea Reichert
New member Andrea Reichert introduced by Ken Nesbitt. Classification Pharmacy
Andrew Famme. Interact student raised $50 at St Mike’s HS for Aquabox
Interact students attending the meeting. The future of Rotary
Fashion Show COMMIT Rotary Club of Stratford International Committee. held on Nov 1, 2017
Make-ups: no report
November’s Attendance Committee: Clark Mitchell (I/C), Jim Young, Marcia Matsui, Lutzen Riedstra, Dave Skinner, Philip Schroeder, Gerry Thuss, Sue Wakelin, Doug Wilson.