Posted by Nick Aroutzidis on Oct 26, 2017
November 2, 2017: Montana Wilson, “Classification”, Mimi Price will introduce and Lisa Breault will thank our speaker.

Head Table:  Our President Linda Bathe, invites, Mimi Price, Jerry McEwin, Ron McKay, Lynn McKone, Bruce McLaren, Clark Mitchell, and Stephen Monteith, to join her at the head table.
This Week: Our guest speaker today was Martin Ward, the District Governor of District 6330 for this Rotary year.
Guest speaker District Governor Martin Ward
Martin and his wife Mary have been very involved in Rotary over many years, taking part in many programs, including hosting 15 Rotary Youth Exchange students.  Martin is a computer system analyst and currently, works with agricultural applications.
Martin explained that the District Governor is the Rotary International Representative in each District and that the training program spans over 2 years for a one year job.  He sees his role as delivering the RI message to each club and acting as a resource to help strengthen clubs.
Rotary International president Ian Risely’s theme for the year is “Rotary Making a Difference”.  He feels that it is past time for Rotary to embrace environmental projects.  His goal is to have one tree planted for every single Rotarian sometime between now and Earth Day in April.  This would make a difference and also raise environmental awareness within our clubs and communities.
The Rotary Council has loosened the requirements around membership in an effort to attract members who are less than 40 years of age.  The new membership rules are that there are no rules – clubs can decide what the meetings look like and how often they occur.  RI is enabling clubs to explore different types of membership – corporate, family, ‘friends of Rotary – to make clubs more relevant to the thinking of younger members.
In order for Rotary to survive, it must be in a constant state of evolution and sometimes, it needs a revolution.  Martin’s message was that Rotary is,  in a revolutionary time at the moment and we must embrace it to ensure Rotary’s future.  Otherwise, a hundred years from now, Rotary will be known as the agent that eradicated polio but there won’t be any Rotary clubs either.
Martin reminded us about the District Conference that is being held early in May 2018 at Grand Bend, in conjunction with the Grand Bend Arts & Food Festival.  Five weeks later the Rotary International Convention is being held in Toronto.  Registrations are going very well.  Accommodations should be booked as hotels are already filling up.
Martin closed by encouraging us to get in touch with him if we are in need of assistance.  He is enjoying his year and looks forward to the coming months.
Martin was introduced by Assistant Governor Diane Yundt and thanked by Past District Governor, Jim Scott.
Scribe: Wendy Anderson
Rotarian Angus MacDermid giving mini classification talk
Angus MacDermid provided a cautionary tale of his youth, during which he did not apply himself in school.  Angus left school early to enter the work world, and worked hard at several jobs, taking the time to upgrade his education when the path to self-improvement seemed clear.  He became a bearing specialist during his years at FAG.
Eventually, he became a partner in Marshall Industrial Supply, (now known as SB Simpson) and retired from that business in 1999.  He advised us all to praise our children and grandchildren at every opportunity while at the same time realize that kids want to have rules and structure in their lives.
Purple Pinky Polio Effort
Rotarian Brent Shackleton announcing result of Purple Pinky for polio donations today of $1255 which will magnify with matching grants to $6465
  • Brent Shackleton reported that donations from individual members today totaled $1275, which the Board will top up with budgeted funds in the amount of $900.  The Gates Foundation will be matching these funds 2:1, so our efforts will provide over $6000.00 to the Polio Plus Campaign.
Rotarian Katherine Hahn demonstrating her purple pinky and showing video on Polio Plus and eradication efforts
  • Katherine Hahn provided an update on the polio eradication efforts that have achieved a 99.9% reduction in polio cases in the last many years.  Rotary is on the cusp of making history in this regard.  It is possible that the last reported case of polio has already been recorded.  Whether that has happened already or is in the immediate future, the immunization effort must continue for 3 years after that last case to prevent the disease from re-appearing.  Katherine and her son Evan are joining the January Mega Polio Campaign and will be traveling to India to assist with immunizations.  We wish them well in their travels.
  • Mike Gruszczynski, was very pleased to announce that the proceeds from the Scotch Mist evening totaled $30,312, a significant increase from the $21,000 raised in 2016.  Congratulations!
Rotarian Mike Gruszczynski announcing final total from Scotch Mist night of over $30,000.
  • Michael Fox reported a very successful Short Story Contest has been concluded for this year.  This event gives young people an opportunity for expressing themselves and building their self-confidence.
Rotarian Walt Bathe announcing last Saturdays Aquabox build of 500 units with 57 volunteers in attendance.
  • Walt Bathe reported that a very successful Aquabox build was held this past Saturday.  Fifty-seven volunteers assembled 500 Aquabox kits in less than 2 hours.  These were immediately taken by Global Medic for use in the areas of greatest need during this hurricane season.
  • A letter of thanks was received from Rotary Minor Hockey.  The club donated $4000.00 to help worthy families meet the challenges of hockey registration for their children.  These funds were raised during the Rotary Hockey Tournament last year.
  • Charlene Gordon reminded members with photos of Rotary activities and events to share them with her so that the Club Facebook page can be updated.
  • Gerry Thuss reported that the license for the Chase the Ace lottery has been received.  The first draw will be on November 18th.
Guests:  Today we welcomed, Laura Pogson  - Festival City Rotary Club, Jim Coors – Ottawa, Colin Brisbois – Stratford, May Ruston - Spouse of the District Governor, Dianne Yundt - Assistant Governer - Area 3 
Karen Gruszczynski, Bev Young, Alison Sidney, Andrea Ruchert, Olivia Trefiak, and Ally Tamas.
Draw: The draw prize today was donated by Marcia Matsui and won by Gary Wreford.
Make-ups: no report
November’s Attendance Committee: Clark Mitchell (I/C), Jim Young, Marcia Matsui, Lutzen Riedstra, Dave Skinner, Philip Schroeder, Gerry Thuss, Sue Wakelin, Doug Wilson.