Posted by Nick Aroutzidis on Oct 05, 2019
October 10, 2019: Ryan Erb, “United Way”. Jim Young will introduce and Craig Pearce will thank our speaker.
Head Table:  Our President Brent Shackleton, invites Gary Wreford, John Wright, Jim Young, Katelyn Aitcheson and Wendy Anderson, to join him at the head table.

Today at Rotary:  Two splendid and encouraging presentations today – both of which speak directly to what Rotary is all about – selfless service to community and world.
From left Stratford Deputy Police  Chief Gerry Foster, Police Chief Greg  Skinner, OPP Sergeant Pat Armstrong (on behalf of Dave Mounsey Memorial Fund), Randy Petrie President of ANAF261 and Rotary President Brent Shackleton.
De-fibulators save lives.  A de-fib used within the first 5 minutes of a heart attack or other heart condition improves the chances of survival and recovery by 70%.  Patrick Johnson of the OPP is involved with Dave Mounsey Memorial Fund that is working to provide de-fibs in buildings and places where people congregate, in memory of those police, fire and armed service members who have given their lives in the course of duty. 
Pat Armstrong presenting the plaque in honour of John McCarthy Police Chief who died in 1913 Knox fire.
To date they have donated 115 de-fibs in Ontario; and today he presented one to the ANAF where our club meets weekly.  The club donated to the cost of the unit which was also supported by the Stratford Police Dept.  Police Chief Skinner and Deputy Chief Foster were on hand with our President Brent to make the presentation to Randy Petrie, ANAF President.  In addition, Police Chief Skinner presented the Stratford Police Dept’s Challenge Coin to Patrick Johnson in recognition of his organization’s efforts to save lives and honour the memories of those who have died in service. 
Pat Armstrong ,Police Chief Greg Skinner holding John McCarthy Plaque, and ANAF President Randy Petrie holding the AED device
Police badge of John McCarthy found and brought for occasion of the dedication.
Rotary International is committed to eradicating polio and its decades-long efforts to do has been incredibly successful.  As Katherine Hahn’s update to the club clearly showed, the complete eradication of this insidious disease is tantalizingly close.  Indeed, it seems certain that almost 99.9 % of polio has been eradicated and there are only three countries – Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan – where there are or might be still active cases.  With the realization that there can be no let up in the fight against polio, Rotary continues to be vigilant in several areas.  Detection of the disease is essential with monitoring water and sewage infrastructure in countries effected and by extensive on-going sampling of victims and potential victims in countries around the world.  This is critical as 90% of victims do not display outward symptoms of the disease and will be need to be treated to ensure that they can resist the disease.
Rotarian Katherine Hahn speaking about Polio Plus Campaign whose purple pinky drive at our club netted over $1000 which will be quadrupled by Rotary International and the Bill Gates Foundation in fight to eradicate polio
Vaccination is also an on-going area of activity.  This is both expensive, logistically complex and involves large numbers of volunteers from around the world. 1.5 billion doses have been administered since 2000; awareness in local communities in affected countries has been created and local reluctance confronted.
All this costs money and Rotary clubs around the world have contributed over $1.9 billion to the initiative.  With the support of the WHO, the US Centre for Disease Control and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, monies continue to flow for this last push to complete eradication of polio.  Today, our club at lunch raised over $1000 for the fight which will be matched by a contribution form the Club International Committee and then matched 2-for-1 by the Gates Foundation.  $4000 raised which will mean 1000 children can be vaccinated!  This is what Rotary is all about.
Your emotionally drained but proud scribe in residence,
Scribe: Guy Chadsey
President Brent Shackleton giving Rotary’s portion of $800 for AED  donated to Stratford  ANAF. Accepting the cheque is Pat Armstrong OPP there  on behalf of Dave Mounsey Memorial Fund who contributed other half for AED and procured the device.
Car Rally – Coming up October 6.  Still time to register but you must let Katherine Hahn know asap.
Scotch Mist raffle tickets will be available soon.  Limited to 600 tickets at $10 each.  Prizes include some sought after Scotches and also tickets to next year’s event.
Christmas Craft Show will be here before we know it.  Be ready to volunteer when the list comes out!
Guests: We welcomed, Gerry Foster - Stratford Police Services, Greg Skinner - Stratford Police Services, Patrick Armstrong - Dave Mounsey Memorial Fund, Lynne Ternosky - RD 6330 passport club, Laura Pogson - Festival City Rotary Club, Eddie Matthews - Stratford Chamber of Commerce
Draw: Two prizes today were donated by Anonymous and Carolyn Drummond and won by Ollie Henry and Doug Brown.
Make-ups: Nothing to report, if you do a make-up please send me an email at
October’s Attendance Committee: George Schroeder (I/C), Doug Thompson, Angus MacDermid, Gary Wreford, Lynn McKone, Rob Ritz, Mike Nielsen, Bert Clifford, Peter Roach.