Posted by Nick Aroutzidis on Nov 02, 2019
November 7, 2019: Charles Ryde, “Remembrance Day”, Sue Wakelin  will introduce, and Alan Wakelin will thank our speaker.
Head Table:  Our President Brent Shackleton, invites Sue Wakelin, Stephen Chandler, Bert Clifford, Gerry Culliton, Heidi Culliton and David Daglish, to join him at the head table.

Today at Rotary:  Well, for once your humble scribe does not know where to begin (I promise it will not happen again!).  R.L Stephenson-Read in her classification talk spoke of her life, so far, as one filled with adventure, striving to reach goals, challenges and risks confronted and an admirable curiosity to learn, experience and contribute.  As she spoke, it was clear that the sheer range of her experiences was beyond the capacity of any scribe to succinctly capture.   Interestingly she, in many ways, exemplifies what Rotary means – life-long learning, family, community and the well-being of the world, engagement, selfless giving of one’s time and talent, collegiality and good humour. 
Rotarian R.L. Stephenson-Read giving her classification on a fascinating career.
R.L. grew up in Wyoming in a family that was loving, active and forward-looking – encouraging of her creativity, energy and her eagerness to explore the world and find her own way.  RL regards herself as a world citizen in both her love of travel and her commitment to making a better world.  Over her 54 years (and 9 cat lives) she has travelled to 76 countries and is tantalizingly close to becoming a member of the Travellers Century Club for those who have been to 100 countries or more.  Her travels have led to some arduous challenges – hiking to Machu Picchu being one that she takes great pride in having achieved.  She has ridden camels and elephants and slept in places with poisonous snakes and hideous spiders.
It would be impossible to succinctly summarize the impressive career path(s) that RL has pursued with enthusiasm and success – singer (as a soloist member of bands and with choirs), music educator, photographer, writer of poetry, fiction and children’s, care and protection of animals, barkeep, visual artist, chorus line dancing, magicians assistant, comic, Club Med entertainer, actor (sometimes typecast as a policewoman – a role she is reprising as our Rotary Sergeant-at-Arms).  She has a Masters in Music Education, several records, published books and articles, sung as a soloist in Hamilton and elsewhere, and been a coach and mentor for children and adults
Most recently, she and her husband Tony, have been operating B&B’s.  The first on Rice Lake, Ontario, gave rise to the establishing of the AYE Foundation which aims to raise monies to provide hearing aids for children in the third world so that they can hear and be awakened by music. 
Moving to Stratford several years ago, RL and Tony bought the Avonview B&B to which they did considerable renovation and which has exceeded their expectations for a new business.  They have won several awards and been highly rated by Trip Advisor and other tourist online agencies.  Not to be confined to just running the B&B, RL continues to travel and is very active with the Rotary environmental and aquabox committees.
RL has made a commitment to Stratford and to Rotary and brings her zest, optimism, intelligence, humour and compassion to everything that she does.  For her, no challenge is not worth taking and our Rotary is fortunate to have her as a member.
Your overwhelmed and humbled scribe,
Scribe:  Guy Chadsey
Paul Harris award given to Rotarian Rob Russell. Rob also outlined the success of the recent Scotch Mist event with best event ever raising $35000 for Rotary.
President Brent/Trump pontificating on World events
Rotarian Walt Bathe announcing a very successful Aquabox build of 749 units
Rotarians in a dress-up mode for Halloween.
Guests: We welcomed, Tony Read – Stratford, Beverley Maranger – Stratford, Jo-Anne and Norm Russell – Stratford.
Foundation Draw: The prize today was donated by Lana Burchette and won by Walt Bathe.
Make-ups: Doug Thompson and Pat Feryn were at the Rotary Club of Granada meeting in Nicaragua on October 19, 2019.
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November’s Attendance Committee: Paul Siberry (I/C), Dave Skinner, Gerry Thuss, Sue Wakelin, Clark Mitchell, Jim Young, Lana Burchett, Dave Hunt, Nick Aroutzidis.