Posted by Nick Aroutzidis on Sep 15, 2018
September 20, 2018: Dean Robinson, “Railway History Stratford -Film”, Rheo Thompson will introduce our speaker.

Head Table:  Our President Paul Roulston, invites, Rheo Thompson, Wendy Anderson, Ellen Balmain, Linda Bathe, Walt Bathe and Ron Bean, to join him at the head table.
President Paul running Club Ownership Meeting and highlighting Katherine Hahn’s overall major Committee Chair work on Foundation and PR.
BRENT: Club Community Service- The following come under this committee-Hospice, Respite House, Literacy, Block ParentRural-Urban, and Environment. Hospice building under Linda is on time for 2020 opening, all is well at respite house, literacy includes Rotary Reads and our new venture of short story contest, block parent venture may fold as federal funding has been cut, Rural/Urban night continues to be a success and a sell out each year, and the Environment committee's activities include adopt a highway, Avon Restoration, and Avon clean up twice a year.
Brent Shackleton major chair of Community Service highlighting committees’ work under him.
ARLENE: Rotary Foundation- Aquabox, Vocational Services, Endowment Fund, Club Foundation, and International Committee make up this Avenue of Service. Aquabox continues to be a special story for the club who is presently fundraising for a fall build of some 600 boxes-our filters save countless lives in times of disaster. Tine tries to set up students with Rotarians to discuss and learn about specific vocations.  The endowment fund has Gord and Bernie managing some $1.5 million. Our weekly draws are being matched by the club for international use, and the international committee under Pat are broadening their scope and reaching out to areas around the world such as the Congo, Nicaragua, and Nigeria.
Arlene Pol major chair of Foundation highlighting her committee's work.
KATHERINE: Fund Raising and Public Relations:  Two new fundraising ventures this year--chase the ace, and the shine on car rally. Both of these will continue next year as they have both had successful first years. The Dragon Boat races continue to be our major fundraiser--by 2020 we hope to be at a total of $1 million! Scotch Mist and the Christmas Craft show continue to be successful ventures under the leadership of Mike and Kevin. Under the public relations front, we are reaching out and hiring specialists in the social media world.
KEN: Club Administration: Ken's sense of "humus" always comes to the forefront--attention span of gold fish is 9 seconds, and for humans, it is 7 seconds! Ken is also missing his "skirt"--whoever has it, or knows where it is, had better produce it soon!! This avenue of service includes archives, attendance, finance( all bills being paid}, bulletin-Nick, food liaison-Angus, privacy issues-Jim, program committee-Doug, property committee, and request committee that takes requests from the community. All is going well in this avenue of service. Special thanks to Doug and our programs-- this area separates us from most Rotary clubs-outstanding job.
Ken Nesbitt major chair of Club Administration discussing his committees’ work
GERRY: Youth Services: Junior Achievement, New Generations, and Interact and Rotaract fall under this avenue of service. All is well particularly with the interact students with Montana and the Rotaract club with Arlene. We need to remember the importance of our youth because" the future of Rotary is in their hands".
Gerry Thuss major chair of Youth Services talking about his committees’ work.
Pres Paul closed the meeting thanking the committee chairs and those Rotarians who are on committees. He reminded members that you can still join a committee, and encouraged us to promote others in our community to get involved in any branch of Rotary.
That's all, for now, folks--time for a beer!
SCRIBE: Wilhelm Zitrone
A very busy agenda this week beginning with the following announcements:
1. make up by Elizabeth Gaffney to Ottawa West Rotary Club--connected with Jim Young's brother as well as a curler who was in Scotland curling with Wendy, Steve R. and Steve M.
2.Mike-Scotch Mist tickets on sale next week, September 20th.
3.Montana-youth services committee announcement re St. Mike's interact club-looking for speakers in our club-10-15 minutes-to talk about what Rotary has done for them/importance of Rotary
4. Elizabeth Cooper- a guest- announced HOPS&HEELS fundraising event with proceeds to Rotary Hospice. This event is a ladies night out unless>>>>>>5
Elizabeth Cooper seeking participation for  4th annual Ladies Night Out on Sept 28 with proceeds going to Hospice
5. Gary Wreford, Michael Fox, Rob Ritz--dragon boat event this weekend includes hospital challenge-looking for pledges- Gary encouraged us to go online. Michael reminded us of 11:00 am event for Cancer at races featuring two outstanding singers from the Festival. Rob still has vacancies to help take down after the races-sign up please.
6. Pres Paul awarded Steve Ray with attendance ribbon-1100 meetings- Steve was away last week to receive BUT he did a Make-UP!
7. Arlene--foundation draw won by Jim Young - gift certificates from Bradshaws and Walmart
Dan Kane ran Sergeant at Arms process with anniversaries and happy bucks
Guests:  Today we welcomed: Rebecca Reeve and Elizabeth Cooper.
Draw: The gift of an anonymously donated was drawn and won by Jim Young.
President Paul presented a ribbon to Steve Rae for his 1100 perfect attendance.  Congratulations Steve !!!!
Make-ups: Elizabeth Gaffney to Ottawa West Rotary Club.
September’s Attendance Committee: Steve Rae (I/C), John Hood Tidman, Ken Nesbitt, Berny Nymeyer, Gordon Sherwin, Harry Brightwell, Ian Fisher, John Fisher.