Posted by Nick Aroutzidis on Sep 17, 2017
September 21, 2017: Part 2 Dan Kane and Charlene Gordon, “Cybersecurity and Clubrunner.

Head Table:  Our President Linda Bathe, invites, Elizabeth Gaffney, Mike Gruszczynski, Bob Gulliford, Katherine Hahn and Sarah Hamza, to join her at the head table.
Arlene introducing 2 Interact students Clara and Melissa who will be attending the meetings and giving feedback to their group.
This Week:  Arlene Pol introduced two interacters from the new interact club at St. Mikes. We will welcome two students each week until January-- great to see our youth wanting to serve others. Pleas of HELP were issued by our dragon boat team as well as need for one more judge/reader for the local short story event. Gerry Culliton introduced our newest member--Colleen  Devine -- welcome to Rotary Colleen!  And the pres called our attention to the recent photo in the local paper that announced that the new hospice will be called the Stratford Rotary Hospice because of the leadership and support from our club for this project. Congratulations Rotarians !
Our guest speaker Julie Jackson speaking on her work for “Homes for Hope El Salvador” making a difference in that country.
Our guest speaker was Julie Jackson. Her topic was Homes For Hope, El Salvador. Julie represents a not for profit organization that has been building homes in El Salvador for the past four years. In addition to building homes, her teams have established organic coffee plantations, have provided medical clinics, wheelchairs, and new school classrooms and washrooms in various villages.
Families must apply for the homes--local officials have a criteria that includes those in greatest need. The women are given the deed to the house, and none of the homes can be sold later for profit. The homes come in a kit, and the team is able to erect 2 or 3 homes in a day. They have already built in excess of 400 homes!! They do not finish the homes as the dirt floors are left to the family to finish by laying concrete floors -- this provides a sense of ownership for the family. Each house has two bolted doors and windows, and Julie indicated that the presentation of the keys to the family is a very emotional moment. Cost for the home kits is now $1800. A rotary club in the area has been brought on board to oversee the financing of the homes.
Julie's presentation included slides that were helpful in the erection of the kit, and to give us a sense of the importance of their work. Like Rotarians,
Julie and her teams are dedicated to making the world a better place. Julie was introduced by Steve Rae, and thanked by Bill Lemmon.
Scribe: Wilhelm Zitrone
Gerry Culliton introducing our newest member Colleen Devine.
Our president Linda being given honorary Dragon Boat shirt.
Guests:  Today we welcomed, Sonya Heyen – Stratford, Laura Pogson – Stratford, Colleen Devine - Stratford - introduced as a New member Rodrigo Mohr – NGE, Clara Sebben  - Interact Club, St Mikes, Stratford Alyssa Jurchuk  - Interact Club, St Mikes, Stratford.
Draw: The draw prize today was donated by an anonymous Rotarian and won by Doug Page.
Make-ups: No report
September’s Attendance Committee: John Fisher (I/C), Norm Briscoe, Ian Fisher, John Hood Tidman, Ken Nesbitt, Steve Rae, Berny Nymeyer, Gordon Sherwin, Ian Maclean, Harry Brightwell
October’s Attendance Committee: Rob Ritz (I/C), Carolyn Blackburn, Peter Roach, Carolyn Champagne, George Schroeder, Doug Thompson, Angus MacDermid, Gary Wreford, Lynn McKone