Posted by Nick Aroutzidis on Sep 09, 2017
September 14, 2017: Julie Jackson, “Homes for Hope project, Steve Rae will introduce and Bill Lemmon with Thank our speaker.

Head Table:  Our President Linda Bathe, invites Steve Rae, Ryan Erb, Patrick Feryn, Ian Fisher, John Fisher, Michael Fox and Josef Frank, to join her at the head table.
This Week:  At today’s Club Ownership meeting and as the Rotary Club of Stratford Charitable Foundation, Jim Young presented a revised set of Objects for the Rotary Club of Stratford Charitable Foundation’s Objects.  Jim noted that the revised Objects are the last of a list of changes and updates to be implemented as recommended by a CRA audit in 2010.  The new Objects reflect more accurately the Foundation’s areas of support.  They also include Special Provisions for charitable foundations as required by the Public Guardian and Trustee and Ontario Ministry of Government Services.  Moved/seconded by Jim Young/Gerry Culliton that the revised Charitable Objects be approved as presented.  Carried.
Gerry Thuss and Ken Nesbitt then presented information about the proposed Catch the Ace fundraiser. Gerry noted that Catch the Ace is defined by the AGCO as a progressive lottery which occurs over a number of weeks until the Ace of Spades is selected.  The proceeds from each week’s ticket sales are divided as:
·      20% - to the winner
·      30% - to the cumulative pot of winnings
·      50% - to the Club as profit (less expenses)
The organizing committee originally considered selling a maximum of 1,250 tickets weekly, but the AGCO recommended unlimited ticket sales in order to maximize potential revenue to the club.  This recommendation has been accepted by the committee and while it means more potential for revenues, it also means a heavier workload for Club members. Gerry showed stats based on a ‘Chase the Ace’ lottery in St. Kevin’s Parish in Newfoundland.  Weekly ticket sales were fairly consistent at 900 for the first 20 weeks and then started to increase each week. At week 30 the cumulative pot of winnings exceeded $100,000 at which time the ticket sales grew significantly.  By Week 40, the weekly ticket sales were 110,000 and grew to 437,000 by the completion of the lottery at week 45 . Ken noted that once the lottery begins, the Club must stay with it until the Ace of Spades is drawn, no matter the volume of workload.
Ken outlined a rotating three team approach to manage the workload each week for the lottery.  Bill Braun, Gerry Thuss, and Ken Nesbitt will be the team leaders.  Volunteers will be needed to staff the ticket sales booth at the Mall (other ticket locations will not require Rotary staffing) and to manage the weekly draw events at the Rotary Complex.  The weekly draw events must be live streamed and/or video-taped so that the AGCO can see that everything was conducted in compliance with lottery regulations.
If the Ace is drawn the very first week, the Club/Charitable Foundation will make no profit and will actually lose $1,225.  After that, the Club is in a profit situation.  It has not been determined yet if on-line sales are possible.  Stub tickets will be used so that each ticket has a unique number in order to avoid errors.  Stratford Printing is also providing advice on how to avoid counterfeiting of tickets.
A complete package of Rules & Regulations, Safety & Security Plan, and a draft Media Release has been circulated for review by all Club members.
Moved/seconded by Ken Nesbitt/Dave Hunt that the Rotary Club of Stratford approve the Rotary Club of Stratford Catch the Ace Lottery subject to the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario approval commencing October 2017.  Carried with three objections.
Arlene Pol announced that a second Interact Club has been launched at Stratford Northwestern.  Teacher Liz Yundt is the Club adult counsellor – she is using her business class students as the initial group.  Many thanks to the Youth Services Committee and Ms. Yundt for all the work leading up this exciting announcement!
Scribe: Charlene Gordon
Introduction of our newest member Doug Brown, classification Electrical Engineering
Guests:  Today we welcomed: Phyllis Driver - North Knoxville, Tennessee, Ely Driver - North Knoxville, Tennessee, Douglas Brown – Stratford, Valentin Van Cauwenberg - Belgium on exchange, Jean Aitcheson - Festival City Rotary Club, Colleen Devine – Stratford, Andrea Reichert – Stratford, Rodrigo Mohr - NGE
Draw: The draw prize today were donated by Colleen Brown (2 tickets for Beatles, all you need is love), won by Alex Smith.
Make-ups: No report
September’s Attendance Committee: John Fisher (I/C), Norm Briscoe, Ian Fisher, John Hood Tidman, Ken Nesbitt, Steve Rae, Berny Nymeyer, Gordon Sherwin, Ian Maclean, Harry Brightwell
October’s Attendance Committee: Rob Ritz (I/C), Carolyn Blackburn, Peter Roach, Carolyn Champagne, George Schroeder, Doug Thompson, Angus MacDermid, Gary Wreford, Lynn McKone