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Rotary Makes a Difference
May 31, 2021


Last week the world learned that 215 bodies of Indigenous children were found in an unmarked mass grave on the property of the former Kamloops Residential School. This is a horrific reminder of a time in Canada's history that saw children torn from their families and placed in the residential school system. There are thousands of children still unaccounted for from this time. While we may be tempted to say this is in the past, over 7 generations of Indigenous people continue to feel indescribable effects of personal and intergenerational trauma to this day. This is not just a historical issue; it is a current issue.

Speaking as a descendant of settlers, we need to sit with the discomfort of our country's actions, that though we might not be directly responsible, we still greatly benefit from colonization in Canada. The discovery of the bodies of lost souls underscores the need for us to begin the work of understanding and reconciliation.

To honour the lives and spirits of those 215 children, I encourage you to wear orange this week.

Yours in Rotary,

David Elliott

District Governor 2020-21

Rotary Club Members - May 2021
My name is Sang, a second-year teacher at Fort Severn.
Before I came here, Fort Severn, I thought that all the roads in Canada were covered with asphalt, and I could reach by car anywhere people lives. However, after I was coming here, I realized that I was wrong.
Also, I thought that having a computer at home and the office was very natural because technologies like laptops, iPad were always in my hand and at work and home.
Last year, Fort Severn suddenly had an emergency due to increasing the COVID positive case. As a result, the school was forced to be closed. Yet, I expected that my students could do their activities at home. Sooner later, I realized that most of my students did not have any computer at home. I was devastated by this situation, and I was confused because I had just two personal laptops.
Exact the same time, like coincident; I received three laptop computers from Melissa Black.
Right next day, without affording thanks to you and Melissa, I took the computers and handed them over to the most urgent students like potential graduates Adira Nayotchekeesic, Brittany Lachinette and Roxanne Thomas.  Again, their assignments were submitted, and I could see their work through the internet. It looked like that my heart was pumping again.
They used it for almost half a year. As a result, Adira, Brittany and Roxanne will graduate this year on May 25th. Especially, Brittany had 10 credits this year. I believe that it is an amazing outcome.
This week, I asked my students, who used the computers, to return them to the school for the next year. They said to me thank you for letting them use the computer. Like my students, I want to say to you, Melissa Black and Rotary Club members, thank you for your generosity to my students.
I am pretty sure that they never forget this year and the computer.
Here is my evidence, my lovely students.
Once more, on behalf of the Fort Severn classroom, I would like to thank you for all your supports.  God bless you and your family.
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