April 19,2020
Here are the links to the various sites mentioned by Ryan in his talk about United Way of Perth Huron and its response to the COVID-19 crisis.
Remember, reach out if you need support.  And reach out to support others.  

Some notes on our Zoom meetings.

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This Thursday our guest speaker will be Mayor Dan Mathieson.  He will be splitting his talk between an update on the city, and the city's response to COVID-19. Our Zoom meetings are limited to 100 participants.  We want to make sure that our Stratford Rotary Club members get a seat so please plan on joining promptly.  I will open the meeting room around 11:45 so we can start the meeting at 12:00.  We will extend an invitation for the Festival City club and Rotaract to join us at 12:15. 
The link to this week's meeting is: 
Topic: Rotary Meeting Thursday April 23rd
Time: Apr 23, 2020 12:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
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POLIO WORKERS and SYSTEMS  working again to combat COVID-19

Linda Robertson from 24 West sent Katherine Hahn this article about OUR POLIO WORKERS and SYSTEMS  working again to combat COVID-19 in Afghanistan Pakistan and Nigeria, Just like they were utilized for EBOLA
I feel so proud to be part of Rotary, one of the Primary Support Organisations for Polio Eradication and how when ever there is a health crisis it is OUR POLIO SYSTEMS that are used to combat the disease.
This article gives a good reason to think about DDF for Polio, 
Remember it is matched 1:1 by the world fund and then 2:1 by The Gates Foundation
A big thank you to all the health care workers who are going house to house and educating people about the virus, the surveillance systems that are being used  and the leaders at ROTARY, WHO, UNISYS , GATES FOUNDATION and CDC who are working tirelessly to help stop the spread of this Virus.
Please read this and share it with your leaders and clubs

THIS WEEK, April 16,2020:

Our 2nd weekly zoom meeting had 70 participants at one point, including DG Tony Sheard, and participants from the Festival City Club and Rotaract. The ambiance bordered on the “ rowdy” side today. Methinks we are clearly feeling the effects of being cooped up too long because of COVID 19!
President Brent opened the meeting with a quote from a tv correspondent— whose network shall remain unnamed— do people who are searching for the truth still watch CNN ? The quote goes like this” TOGETHER, AS EVER, AS ONE”. He applied this to our Rotary club to point out that during these times we need one another— we need to reach out to one another. He thanked the club for our willingness to continue our weekly meetings, with kudos in particular to Dan Kane who makes it all possible. He encouraged club committees to adapt— continue to meet, and look for ways to accomplish your goals in this “new world”. As an example, our Aqua box committee had Global Medic disperse our last 750 aqua boxes for a disaster in Somalia. How does this committee build new ones—we cannot have more than 5 people gathering at one time. Clearly, this committee and others need to adapt and find new ways to reach their goals. Also, President Brent threw out a potential new fund raiser idea— ask each Rotarian to donate their weekly $20 meal costs to an account that will help us to continue to meet our promised needs in the community and world. More to come re this and other ideas for fund raising.
Lynne Ternowsky joined our meeting today with an update on her club’s project to provide plastic shields for front line workers in hospitals, nursing homes, etc in Huron Perth. The goal of $7000 has been met! In fact Lynne said that they are just shy of $20,000!!!! Now instead of just 1000 shields, they can reach 3,000 or more. Congrats to the Passport Rotary club( online club ).
A quick update from Dr. Doug. Things are quiet presently in Stratford and at the local hospital. He encouraged us to wear face masks at the grocery stores. Doug pointed out that Wendy Wilkinson and  others were making masks and useable gowns for front line workers.
UNFINISHED BUSINESS— President Brent raised the issue of climate change that was discussed at the February board meeting. He would like us to vote on the motion that Charlene has already posted on the net. The motion originated from the City of Stratford. The need to support climate change as a Rotary Club shows that we care. Brent voiced that he had heard/read that soon “ there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans. Jim Young wanted to know the financial commitment for supporting the motion. Wendy Anderson noted that events like Rural/ Urban night would see increased costs by replacing plastic cups/glasses with glass ones. Brent did not see a major financial commitment  by supporting the motion. Check our your email box for the motion and vote.
GUEST SPEAKER: Our own Ryan Erb spoke to us re how the United Way is facing the challenges of COVID 19 in our communities. Their basic role presently is —
As a reminder to all of us, he spoke of the need to reach out to fellow Rotarians, to neighbours, to friends, and to those in need. For example—isolation, loss of jobs, and financial  worries— has lead to more mental health issues including domestic violence. We can help with these issues by referring others to the partnership between the United Way and the city of Stratford. There is a website on the internet and Facebook that can help people—211—and it also provides ways in which we can all help by volunteering. Charlene has posted the LINKS in your email inbox that address and explain this partnership. Elizabeth Gaffney gave an example of partnership with Family Services that supplies free counselling for small business owners who have been affected by COVID 19. Ryan gave examples of the partnership with the following:
   —search&rescue group in area providing free deliveries
   —One Care— also deliveries
   —John Howard group— providing technology assistance with home computers
   —food banks— an extra $19,000 raised in support
   —supporting Wellness Centre for seniors in St Marys
Lastly Ryan mentioned that the United Way and City are also  focusing on the RECOVERY from COVID 19. They are being proactive on behalf of the Not For Profit agencies. Sources of funding will be stressed for these agencies.
Thanks Ryan— a great job. You are a busy man who is making the world a better place.
CARE and SHARE: Roger Black reported on Bob Gulliford. Bob would like some contact since visitations are not possible. He can be reached at - 519 801-9414
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