June 7th 2020

Doug Thompson sent us a good news story from COMMIT.

The hospital in Nandaime had no PPE for their front line workers and a plea went out to us.
We were able to provide the with $1400 in PPE masks to keep them safer as they battle Covid 19 in their hospital.
A reminder to the club that we cannot neglect our International obligations even in the face of our own plight. Rotary is International.

Catch The Ace - Gerry Thuss and the CTA Committee

Due to the current COVID-19 crisis, Stratford Rotary Catch the Ace will be holding a MUST-GO draw on June 11 at 3 PM   
As a special offer to Rotarians our CTA Committee is offering to make it easy for you to get in on the Ace must go draw. 
If you can't make it to either The Scottish shop or Black Angus we will drop off tickets to your home
Put $20 in an envelope, send an email to with your name, phone number and 4 numbers from the list below
and we will deliver 4 tickets to you on Wed June 10 (and pick up the cash envelope).
We have appreciated the club's support in the past and want to make sure that you get a chance at this "Ace Must Go Draw" on June 11 at 3pm.
Numbers still left

Mask Update - Andrew Williams video


Aquabox Story - Diane Sewell

Before Diane and Steve moved out west Diane did a write up on the Aquabox.  To have been published on the District Website at 
Thanks to all for the input to this week's bulletin.   
Dan Kane


I feel like a change of pace as I prepare this week’s column. When I was in the classroom teaching, I would from time to time, teach the world wars beginning with the peace settlement, and then work back to the causes. So I will begin this column at the meetings’ end, and work back to the beginning— for a change of pace.
Share and care reported that Ken Malvern recently had surgery and is on the mend at home. We celebrated three anniversaries— Clark Mitchell-32 years, Pat Renshaw- 3 years, and Wendy Wilkinson-2 years. We celebrated one birthday— president Brent- who was the recipient of a zoom happy birthday rendition from the 74 participants. He was very harsh in his comments re our blended efforts! You need to know Brent that our thoughts were “from the heart”- happy birthday.
Ken Nesbitt reported on the club’s Financial Recovery Task Force. Members of this task force have met to develop strategies to meet the pledge and donation obligations of the Rotary Club of Stratford for the 2020-21 year. They have established a goal of $100,000. They developed the following action items in order of priority:
1. Seek donations from club members. Since we do not have lunch meetings, each of us is potentially saving $20 a week. If zoom meetings actually span a 50 week period, that translates into a $1,000 savings/donation. Ken was careful to emphasize that this is a suggestion, and that there was no pressure intended on each individual— more to come.
2.Hold fundraising events— catch the ace, car rally, mask project,etc.
3.Perpetual fund reserve— a last resort, that if executed, would be in the form of a loan, and thus repaid.
4.An ask from selected businesses and individuals
This task force is open to feed back from club members.
The major part of the programme takes us to a presentation from treasurer Kevin Nonomura. Kevin used slides and commentary in delivering the 2020-21 club budgets. Questions, concerns, etc. can be directed to Kevin via phone/email. Mimi Price has published the motions to vote on today on the club runner site. These motions are to be voted on electronically on June 18, 2020. Kevin has also sent emails to each club member outlining each of the club’s budgets. Kevin is to be lauded for the time, effort, and efficiency in preparing the club’s financial situation during Covid 19. Here are some of the highlights of Kevin’s presentation:
   - everything is on PAUSE re what the club can accomplish for 2020-21
   - membership dues will face an increase to $265; associate memberships will rise to $90
   - major commitments remaining at the end of 2021- Hospice-$180,000, arena concession booth will have another yearly $15,000 due for 11 more years, and yearly food bank of $12,000
   - for 2022, we will need $85,000 to meet our obligations
   - Aquabox and Commit will continue to receive donations
   - Education fund in fine shape
The beginning of the meeting included announcements. President Brent reminded us that “With Challenges,comes Opportunities”. Our Rotary District Conference runs online on Saturday, June 13 from 8:30am until noon. As well the Rotary International Convention runs online from June20-26. You have to register online for both. Check them out.
Katherine gave a COVID 19 mask update. We have handled 1300 orders to date and we haven’t even gone public! More volunteers to sew are needed. Dr. Doug has buttons available on his porch—340 Devon, and t-shirts are on their way. Cynthia Dale/Peter Mansbridge have agreed to be honourary chairs. Get behind this Rotary project/campaign to WEAR A MASK!
This is my final column as scribe— have been at it for some five years. Ollie Henry needs a few of you to step up to ensure we get weekly written columns on club meetings. Consider serving as a scribe— the position offers interesting perspectives.
Cheers, Wilhelm Zitrone
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