June 15 2020

Rotary Notes – June 11, 2020

President Brent welcomed all to our weekly ZOOM meeting with a toast to Rotary and fellowship.  He noted that with more businesses able to resume operations tomorrow, people may become more relaxed in their interactions with others.  It is imperative that businesses insist on their customers wearing masks.  Rotarians can be ambassadors for mask wearing and perhaps we should do what we can to encourage the municipality to make mask wearing mandatory.  On the positive sides, we may be able to hold small committee meetings in person outdoors, especially with the nice weather, which would be a welcome change for the better.

CO-VID Update

T-Shirts – Lynn McKone reported that the first order for the shirts will be going in this week.  It is important to wear them to spread awareness of the importance of masks and social distancing.  If you would like to order some shirts please be in touch with Lynn.
Dan Scarborough reported that the campaign buttons will be available for $1 at the Scottish Shop starting today.  The churches have all been contacted to see if they have volunteers who would sew masks as a fundraiser.  Posters have been distributed around downtown.  Dan is working with Eddy Mathews at the Chamber of Commerce to increase awareness, and the social media platforms are being used effectively.  Dan could use two more volunteers on his committee, particularly someone who is a good note-taker, to improve the functioning of the committee.  The goal of the project is to promote mask wearing, the profit is secondary.

Guest Speaker

District Governor Tony Sheard brought us an update on the Challenges and Opportunities of Co-Vid 19.
One of the first things that the District did was make Zoom available to all of the club in the District.  This was done so that clubs would be able to continue operations.  Not all clubs are using Zoom but the majority are.  The District is working to get everyone on board with ZOOM.
 If you check out the District web page, there is a Tips and Tricks of Zoom page.
As clubs move forward, discovering new ways to raise funds, and other ways of doing service it would be great to share those ideas on the District page.  Those ideas will help inspire other clubs.
It is important for clubs to be FLEXIBLE.  There are many decisions that need to be taken during this time when in-person meetings cannot happen.  Clubs need to be taking those decisions quickly to suit the circumstances and are able to do so through virtual meetings.  Because things are changing all the time, it is important to look at what others are doing (eg. District website).  The watchwords should be ADOPT, ADAPT and IMPROVE.  Certainly our communities need service now more than ever.
District Convention Re-imagined - This Saturday morning, June 13
Since the event cannot be held in a traditional way, there will be a morning event.  There are several interesting speakers scheduled for a morning show that will be hosted by DG Tony.  So far, there are 258 registrants world-wide.  Check out the district website for further details
Questions for Tony
Concerns about the cost and environmental impact of a printed Rotarian magazine were raised.  Tony noted that the Rotarian is already available on-line, but the format isn’t very user friendly.  He has written to RI, encouraging them to make improvements in that regard.
RI dues are set by the Council of Legislation.  They have increased by $1US annually for several years, which of course translates into a larger increase in CDN currency.  There are many issues that will be coming out of this CO-VID period that will affect the cost of doing business for the foreseeable future.  The same is true of District dues.  Where the expense of travel is obviously greatly reduced, the cost of things like the Zoom fees ($8000 this year) are going up.  The District does have a mechanism for refunding dues or a portion thereof to the club in the event of a surplus.  It remains to be seen whether that will happen.
The issue of dues setting will be a challenge going forward.  Some clubs are struggling to stay in touch with their members.  Some members are struggling as their businesses are struggling.  Clubs have complete control of their own dues setting and may need to consider differential dues because of individual circumstances.
RI operations are in robust shape.  Much of their budget covers travel expenses that aren’t happening at the present.  Tony suggested that travelling as a component of Rotary may never be the same now that people have seen that so much can be accomplished virtually.
RI Foundation is a little more cautious with its funds at present.  The return on investment for its endowments is very low at the moment.  It may be difficult to continue with the matching grants.  Clubs may be asked to take on a larger share of project funding in the future.
Questions from Tony
Tell me more about the Mask project?  I would like to promote it on a District basis.
How is Aquabox doing?  Reply from Gary Morris - It is not possible to organize builds at the moment.  Global Medic is not doing any international projects but is focusing on needs in Toronto.
DG Tony was thanked by President Brent.

Care and Cheer

Both Lutzen Reidstra and Angus MacDermid are dealing with a cancer diagnosis.  Keep them in your thoughts.
Jim Scott reports that he has filed his cane away for future reference and is hoping to try a golf swing or two in the next little while.  We will await the results of that adventure.
Bob Gulliford is in failing health.  He is also in need of our thoughts and prayers.

Rotary Announcements

Gerry Thuss reported that the final draw of this Catch the Ace series will be held at 3 this afternoon at The Scottish Shop.  The committee is applying for an on-line Catch the Ace license for the next draw series.
Scribe:  Wendy Anderson

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