July 26 2020
Good afternoon,
       Along with our scribe report, this week by Guy Chadsey, I'm hoping to add a bit more content to the weekly bulletin.  Please let me know if you have anything you would like to add.
Dan Kane

CAMP BIMINI 8 KM WALKATHON!  SUNDAY, AUGUST 16, 2020 - Submitted by Bert Clifford

Fellow Rotarians
On Aug 16, Mary Helen and I will be walking 8 Kms around Stratford to help raise funds for a walkathon for Camp Bimini. I have been involved for the past 25 years with the Camp. Please contact me to add your name to our pledge sheet.  Name, Address, email address, phone # and amount of Pledge.   Our email is  bmhcliff@gmail  phone #  519-271-3499
To make a donation, email to arrange an e-transfer, or make a donation on line at or send a cheque to 3180 Perth Rd. 113 RR#1 St. Pauls, ON N0K 1V0. If you have given a donation already this spring or summer, we thank you and ask that you pass this email along to others. If you haven't, please consider helping today.

Updated Video - Finish the task - Wear the mask - with credits.  


Attendance Ribbons

Rena  Orr      500
Steve Rae    1200
Angus MacDermid 2300

SABBA - Trucks and Music - submitted by R.L. Stephenson-Read

Do you like bagpipe music?  Les Brunton, The Piper of Kintore,  will be giving a 45 minute performance each Friday evening at 7pm in July and August. The location is at a socially distanced spot surrounding the Little Falls in St. Marys.
Trucks and Music  -  Plans are in the making for a great social distanced event which will be held in Stratford in August, involving Classic Trucks AND music!  If you have, or know of anyone who has a classic truck, and would be interested in participating in a super cool event, please encourage them to send an email to 

Rotary, July 23, 2020

Welcome:    President Hahn welcomed members to the Zoom meeting. 
Announcements:  The next Catch the Ace will conducted online in September with a minimum $5.000 Jackpot to encourage sales of tickets
                The Golf Tournie will be on Wednesday, August 26th and the Committee is seeking volunteers
               The Car Rally, in conjunction with the Museum will be on August 4th
               RL Reid announced that there will be local musical artists performing throughout the downtown in the coming weeks.  They will be on open-flat-bed trucks (how very Shakespearian).
               Letters of thanks were read from the University Of Waterloo regarding the Rotary scholarship, from The Local for donations and one for the plague mask campaign
               A video was shown about wearing a “Zoom Suit” for Rotary meetings made by an eccentric Englishman - link
Presidential Announcements:  So far the plague mask campaign has provided $16,000,000 in profits to assist the Club in supporting our various projects
              Now that we are in Stage 3 of the provincial Re-opening, the Club will hold its annual picnic in Queen’s Park on August 27th                                
              President Han is hoping to be able now to hold some in-person “fireside chats” with members to discuss advancing the Club’s goals, and being involved in some community environmental projects
Speaker:       President Hahn chaired a whole Club Fireside Chat focusing on Rotary International’s new Action Plan.  This Plan looks forward to the next five years and does so in the context of a COVID and post-COVID world and the consequent challenges and opportunities that this new context will raise for Rotary globally and locally.
Rotary International reviewed where the organizations stands at the moment, and sought feedback through surveys from many countries.  Interestingly while Rotary is regarded as one of the top three most respected and trusted global NGO’s in the world, it still is not known by a surprising number of people and membership in many countries is faltering.  The Plan reinforces that Rotarians are “people of action” are “open to new ideas” and have a strong commitment to their shared values, purpose and goals.  The campaign to eradicate polio is an excellent example of Rotary in action and being successful.
The Plan goes on to emphasize the need for a renewed focus of developing leaders for our communities and for the organization; for all Rotarians to remain optimistic despite falling membership and other challenges; and to ensure the Rotary tradition of openness and inclusivity is never compromised.
Four priorities for the next five years are identified in the plan - increasing the impact of Rotary, expanding the reach of the organization by growing our capacity, enhancing participant engagement and increasing the ability of the organization at the international and local levels to adapt to changing situations.
Each of these four priorities posits actions that can be taken by clubs and districts through collaboration; identifying opportunities and being able to “pivot” effectively; being more data driven to ensure accountability and accurate assessment of impact; taking risks; evaluating our internal governance and membership structures; and constantly questioning, listening and involving others.
The Plan is right when it says that working together is what makes Rotary strong.   Serving others and building community is a bond that keeps Rotarians together and focused and the next five years will see that bond grow even stronger as we do what we do best – face challenges head-on and together carry out solutions.
Birthdays             Alex Smith and Steve Rae
Il tuo scriba  della gionata,   Guido
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