July 19th 2020

$40,000 in funding!

The Rotary Foundation applied for funding through the Community Foundation to match the skills of people who are out of work with the needs of charities/not-for-profits as they make their way through this pandemic.  This is a partnership between the Community Foundation, Conestoga College and the Rotary Foundation and is part of the Emergency Community Support Fund from the federal government and also part of the Stratford Economic Response and Recovery Task Task Force.
We applied for and received $20,000 and that amount will be matched by Conestoga College.  Tine Buechler will match those looking for work with the charities/not-for-profits looking for the skills.
Thanks to Heidi Culliton at the Community Foundation, Tine Buechler and Christy Bertrand at Conestoga College and Charlene Gordon from the Rotary Club for working to get this application through.
Mimi Price
Stratford Summer Music Opening Night - July 20th 7pm - Link
Stratford Summer Music - Barge Music Schedule - Link
Finish the task, wear the mask - updated song and pictures - Link 

Thursday, July 16, 2020

President Katherine welcomed everyone to today’s meeting including our guests Ron Shaw and Kristy Bertrand.


Mark Fewer, Artistic Director of Stratford Summer Music (SSM), was the speaker today and his positive presentation dispelled any notion that Stratford’s Summer Music Festival was not up to fighting the challenge of Covid-19.  As Mark noted, while all other Festival Directors are facing significant, unusual obstacles – he is the only one with a boat.  So the Barge lives!
Starting Friday, July 24th the Barge will venture out onto the river with a maximum crew of 1-Driver, 1-Producer and 2-Musicians.   The Barge will not be allowed to park in its usual location but it can move around so it will start at the Boat House, pass under William Hutt bridge, head on towards Tom Patterson Island and then return.  The barge will be equipped with umbrellas for shade as well as speakers for sound and it will move slowly as performing on a moving vessel, even a barge, must be done cautiously.
This year’s line-up features superb, local talent.  Each team of performers will play Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  As is standard with Summer Music, the Barge performers will offer a wide assortment of music from operatic to folk to percussion.  Some of the performers include Dayna Manning & Laura Chambers, The Bookends – 2 members anyway, Rachelle Schubert & Paul Shilton plus Philip Addis & Emily Hamper.  To see the complete line-up of performers, go to the Stratford Summer Music website or check them out on Facebook.
The Opening Night Gala, usually held on Tom Patterson Island, will be held virtually this year starting at 7:00PM on Monday, July 20th from the Revival House.  It will feature live and pre-recorded performances from artists such as Tom Allen, Jens Lindemann, Idris Goodwin, Ron Sexsmith and Stephane Tetrault.
SSM must be congratulated for being able to arrange performance time for many of our local artists as well as providing riverside entertainment for the community.

Birthdays this week:

Norm Briscoe  


John Hood-Tidman -22 years
Guy Bellehumeur -21 years
Ralph Robinson -20 years. (Ralph also has an additional 9 years served in the Chatham club to his credit.)

Moments of Gratitude:

Ken Nesbitt announced that the Financial Recovery Task Force has reached 56.5% of the goal of $50,000.
Mimi announced that, in conjunction with the Stratford Perth Community Foundation and Conestoga College, $40,000 has been raised for local initiatives.
The Covid Mask Committee unveiled their video of `Finish the Task, Wear the Mask.’  Special thanks to Steve Ray, who wrote and performed the song.
David Knoppert, London Rotary, raised over $7,000 for Commit with a golf marathon this past week.
Finally, Katherine Hahn’s President’s minute reminded us of Rotary’s core values:
            Fellowship or Friendship.
It never hurts to be reminded.
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