July 13 2020
Rotary Notes July 9, 2020
President Katherine welcomed all to Week #2 of her year.
Our guest speaker today was Rob Scarborough, CSC, who shared with us his journey from being a student in Al Booker’s communications class at Stratford Central to being a 2020 Canadian Screen Award winner for cinematography for his work on the Baroness Von Sketch show.
When Rob was making his first film edits in Mr. Booker’s class, he did not realize that it would lead to a career in cinematography, or that such a thing was even possible.  From Central, Rob went on study Film and TV Production at Humber College.  From there he moved on to where the real learning happens, on the bottom rung of the ladder, as a production assistant.  He got to learn all of the production jobs as he was moved to new positions and as he watched others doing theirs.  In the meantime he was doing small projects on his own.  Eventually he got jobs doing hand-held camera work on documentaries for National Geographic and History Channel and that is where he learned to find and tell stories.
In the hierarchy of people on a production set the cinematographer ranks third behind the producer and director.  The director and cinematographer work closely together.  The director explains his vision for the piece and the cinematographer makes all technical decisions that will make the vision a reality.  Working closely together over a period of time often results in a kind of short hand developing between the two.  It is quite common for directors and cinematographers to work together on many projects.
Since even his own parents don’t really know what he does, Rob explained his job to us all.  The cinematographer chooses the camera and lenses to be used, makes sure the image is exposed properly, decides on the movement and placement of the camera and the placement and direction of the lighting.  He has a team of three departments who work with him – lighting, grip and camera.  These teams can vary in size from 5 to 50 people depending on the size of the production but Rob really only works with one person from each department.  The Gaffer is in charge of the lighting department and will work closely with Rob and the director.  The Key Grip is the person who shapes the lights, making sure they are shining in the right direction with the desired amount of intensity.
Rob got his first real break when he did a commercial for a friend’s shirt company in 2013 and won an award for cinematography.  He received the professional designation of CSC in 2017.  He is represented by an agent but feels that the main way to get work is by word of mouth.  Filming is often an intense environment and it is important to be able to work with grace under pressure.  To get work a person needs to be known as good at the craft but almost as important one needs to have a reputation for being good to work with.  Rob must be a nice guy to work with as he was getting busier on larger productions until the pandemic.
Like everything else, Rob’s industry has been negatively affected by Covid 19.  Commercials are still being shot but larger productions are not.  This is mainly due to insurance issues.  If someone falls ill during filming, who is responsible for the costs of quarantining and/or in a worst case scenario for advanced medical treatment – the insurance carrier or the production company? 
Be sure to check out Rob’s website:  Rob's video The Knock can be found here 
Rob was introduced by Charlene Gordon and thanked by his dad, Rotarian Dan Scarborough, who has been regaling us with stories of Rob’s accomplishments for lo these many years.  Now we all know that Rob is not just a figment of Dan’s imagination, and that fortunately he inherited his mother’s good looks.
Scribe:  Wendy Anderson
Guests today included Christy Bertrand and Deb Scarborough.
Birthdays this Week:
Mimi Price on July 12
Bill Lemmon on July 14
Paul Roulston 10 years
Charlene reminded members that their dues are due.
Doug Thompson reminded us that there are still international concerns that need to be addressed during the pandemic.  COMMITT is still doing good work.  Doug showed a short video prepared by Pat and Jane Feryn about an agricultural project in Nicaragua.  Nine farmers were being taught to diversify and improve their cropping techniques.   Link to Commit Video 
Ken Nesbitt directed us all to note his email updates on the Fiscal Recovery Task Force.  The group is at 42% of their goal.  Any ideas for fund raising project would be welcomed.
Moments of Gratitude:
Steve and Carolyn Rae became grandparents on June 23.  Lincoln Robert is home and thriving.
Doug and Cindy Brown welcomed their second grandchild, a girl, on June 29.
Katherine shared photos of RL Read’s Union Jack wrapped car that became a Canada Day Parade of one, bringing smiles to all as it navigated the streets of Stratford.
Since not all members use social media, Katherine invited all to send her photos of happy events for sharing at our meetings.
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