May 24,2020
Happy May 24th 
Sorry for the delay in getting out this week's bulletin.  I've been waiting for the promised rain to force me back indoors.  Thankfully the wifi signal reaches to the backyard.
Thanks to Steve Rae for the pre meeting entertainment this week.  Steve played a few selections from his daily Steve's Sound Garden, including a song he wrote about the Cod Fishery and an updated version of Wear a Mask, Finish the Task song that he has been working on with Michael Fox. 

East Coast Kitchen Party

The East Coast Kitchen Party is coming together for this Saturday, May 30th.  This is a joint effort with the London Rotary Club and at least 11 other local Rotary Clubs in our area.  If you haven't already done so please reserve your tickets at you'll need 1 ticket per household.  The event will be hosted through Zoom.  You'll connect in just like our Thursday meetings but your camera and audio will not be active.  It's important to get your ticket ahead of time because depending on how many users we have London may need to add seats to their Zoom account.  The Zoom details will be forwarded to registered ticket holders later this week.  Tickets are free, but this is a fundraiser so please hit the donate button while you're there.  Donations from our site will be going to the Hospice. 
Pazzo's Restaurant has put together an East Coast dinner of seafood chowder with haddock, scallops, shrimp, leek and potato.  Accompanied by coleslaw and a white bun for $30.  An order will feed 2 people.  Your kitchen at home will be part of the kitchen party! The soup will be delivered around 4 pm on Saturday May 30th and will need to be reheated. Please contact Dan Kane at   to let me know if you're interested in dinner, as Pazzo's can handle a maximum of 50 orders for us. (please don't call Pazzo's directly).  Pazzo's will be donating a portion of the meal costs back to Rotary.   We're still working out how we'll collect payment for this.  I'm thinking and envelope with cash or a cheque when we deliver your order.  For now I'm just collecting names and number of meals so please let me know as soon as you can.

JA South Western Ontario Celebration of Excellence

We are so proud of our students and their accomplishments! And we are also proud and grateful to partner with the Rotary Club of Stratford, enabling us to provide an experiential program that inspires the entrepreneurial spirit in youth!  Here is the recording of the celebration.  Access Password: 8o&!^1Eq  The official program begins 10:04 into the recording.


I would like to begin this week's write up with KUDOS to Dan Kane and president Brent and our board. Dan makes our weekly zoom meetings possible, and-- in order to allow your humble scribe Wilhelm to play 18 holes of golf-- Dan recorded the zoom meeting,and delivered the flash stick so that I could write up this meeting--THANKS Dan.
President Brent and our board are doing a great job during these trying times. Here are some of the topics discussed at their Monday board meeting:
   ---meetings--we are saving around $230 dollars per lunch meeting--in addition to zoom meetings, there has been discussion re having a regular meeting and perhaps a social get together - more to come.
   ---membership-no increase in club dues during the last 6 years-some thought re paying semi-annually -stay tuned
   ---Rotary Magazine-- digital in lieu of hard copy would cut cost to Rotary International and be in line with our environmentally friendly policy
   ---all spending on pause-although at present an accumulated surplus in Trust and Foundation, a combined deficit of $95,000 is anticipated for the 20-21 year
    ---we have $144,000 in the Perpetual Fund that is specified for specific causes. The board will search bylaws that might allow for' other purposes' due to special circumstances such as this pandemic - stay tuned
     ---Task Force was approved to search out other possible fund raisers-give your ideas to the board
     ---KUDOS from president Brent to our treasurer Kevin Nonomura-Kevin has spent hours working at restructuring our financial programs and accounts-THANKS Kevin 
     ---May 30-this Saturday- there is a free online east coast party courtesy of the London South Rotary club. The entertainment you can augment with your own food and drinks, and hopefully you will make a donation. All proceeds will go to our hospice.
Other news from president Brent include a mask update-- program is in full gear--400 masks a week. Sue Wakelin looking after orders. Get use to WEARING A MASK. Brent presented a scholarship to Max-student from our sponsored northern school, and Katherine, Gerry T., and Ken continue to work on the board plan to shorten the ladder for club presidency.
John is one of our annual speakers who seems to enjoy our company and vice versa. The topic today was not about our museum-- which by the way has become a visitor's "destination" under John's leadership. His topic was about hockey and the Stanley Cup. John has turned to reading, as opposed to TV news during this pandemic, and recently he read former prime minister Stephen Harper's book The Great Game.This book discusses how the Stanley Cup went from a challenge cup--any team from any part of Canada could challenge the previous year's winner-- to the cup that was reserved only for teams in the NHL The history of the Stanley Cup was impacted by two young men from Perth County-Fred 'Cyclone 'Taylor of Listowel, and Howie 'Meteor' Morenz of Mitchell who later became the 'Stratford Streak' when his family moved to Stratford. Taylor became the first hockey 'free agent' in the history of the game as he would only play  the game if he was paid a salary. The major cities who had hockey teams like Detroit, Montreal,Toronto, Boston, New York,and Chicago were eager to have players like Taylor on their teams, and these cities soon formed the NHL in 1926. Howie Morenz signed with the Montreal Canadians and was considered the best hockey player in the first 50 years of the NHL. He was on a par with Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, and other athletes--he was hockey's first super star. Morenz would fill hockey arenas, and his #7 jersey has never been worn by any Habs player since. He was a legend,and won 3 Stanley Cups and 3 Hart Trophies with Montreal A broken leg ended his career, and while in hospital, he fell and died--it was likely a blood clot, but there are other stories out there that suggest other reasons. I recently read Dean Robinson's book on Howie Morenz and John's talk was a great sequel for me. John shared some photos of both Taylor and Morenz, two hockey legends from Perth County to end his talk--TANKS John!
A few questions--all from males--ended John's talk.
Scribe; Wilhelm Zitrone
Our Next Meeting will be May 28th 
Topic: Weekly Rotary Club Lunchtime Meeting
Time: Every Thursday 11:45 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Meeting ID: 845 5447 0325
Password: 230056
If you would prefer to call in you can use any of these numbers. 
1 438 809 7799,1 587 328 1099,1 647 374 4685 
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