The Rotary Club of Stratford receives numerous requests for funding. In fact the requests far exceed the financial resources of the Club. Therefore, we measure each request against the following priorities as established over our Club’s 90 year history.
  • The Rotary Club of Stratford will support those organizations and agencies that help those who are disadvantaged, focusing on the disabled, education, and youth.
  • Priority will be given to those projects which have no – or limited – access to other sources of funding.
  • Projects which align with the six priorities established by Rotary International in 2012 (maternal & child health, economic & community development, water & sanitation, basic education & literacy, disease prevention & treatment, peace & conflict prevention/ resolution) warrant consideration, particularly as they affect our local community.
  • Pilot projects that will benefit the community in whole or in part will be considered for one-time start-up costs.

Individual Requests

The Rotary Club of Stratford Request Committee wants to help where we can by supporting low wage earners in our local community who approach us with a wide range of requests.  Typically these requests are medically related, with a request to help purchase used medical equipment and other medical devices in good condition (new when used is not available).  Requests are generally under $500, however consideration is given to larger amounts.  The request will assist an individual in their quality of life, personal mobility, and independence.
Examples of the most frequently funded equipment include:
  • Manual wheelchairs
  • Transfer equipment
  • Non-cosmetic dental work
  • Walkers
  • Hand-rails