Can I participate in the mask recycling program an individual or household?
Yes. You can participate by collecting CLEAN masks in a compostable bag and when full, fully seal the bag and drop it off at one of the participating locations. Visit the main page for more information.
As a business, do I have to register to participate in this Rotary project?
Yes. We need to track participating businesses and would like to support your organization in setting up bins, using acceptable bin liners, educating staff, etc. It is important that only CLEAN, ACCEPTED RECYCLABLE are put into the bins.
What donation amount do you suggest?
We will gratefully accept any donation amount to help fund this project, but for businesses a donation of $100 is suggested. Tax receipts will be issued by the Rotary Club of Stratford Charitable Foundation for any amount above $20.
Do we have to pay for every bag drop off/pick up?
At this time, no. The Rotary Club pays for each drop off at our recycling partner, and we will be determining the cost over time based on weight/volume. For now, we are only asking for a donation at the time organizations join the program.
Is Stratford General Hospital participating in the PPE Recycling Program?
While not directly participating in this program, The Rotary Club of Stratford is working with our local hospital to do a similar recycling plan under their control. Disposable hospital supplies become a bit more complicated to recycle, but every bit as important.
Can I put other materials in for recycling?
Absolutely not. This is a PPE specific recycling program and only CLEAN PPE such as disposable masks, face shields and googles, and isolation gowns can be collected. If the materials are soiled, co-mingled with unacceptable materials or otherwise contaminated they cannot be recycled.
What about other medical plastics?
In time, we hope to be able to recycle other medical plastics and gloves as we strive to become sustainability and Net 0 by 2050. At this time only the materials listed on the main page under “Accepted Recyclables” can be taken.