Posted by Nick Aroutzidis on Apr 13, 2019
April 18, 2019: Senator Rober Black, Rural-Urban Night. 

Head Table:  Our President Paul Roulston, is responsible for the guests at our Head Table.

Today at Rotary: John Wright introduced our guest speaker today, Doug Fyfe, who is a member of the Stratford Amateur Astrologers group.  Doug is an ex-pat Scot, who became a Canadian citizen in 2000, and studied astrology and physics at St. Andrews University.
Speaker Doug Fyfe talking on Astronomy introduced by John Wright
Doug’s topic today was “Naked Eye Astronomy” – a brief introduction to Night Sky Objects.   He distinguished astronomy, a science, from astrology, which is an art.
Light travels at approximately 300,000 km/second.  It takes 1.26 seconds for the light to reach us from the moon and 8 minutes, 9 seconds to reach earth from the sun.  The moon, of course, is the closest celestial object to the earth.  It has a very mild magnetic field but still contributes to the growth of life on the earth and produces the tides in our oceans.
Doug discussed the planets in our solar system and showed the relative size of those planets to the sun.  Once a comparison is made with some of the objects beyond our galaxy, it is clear our place in the universe is very, very small.
Other topics included were the Milky Way galaxy, the constellations, asteroids, meteors and meteorites, all illustrated with photographs.
Of particular interest was Doug’s view on the release of the first photos of a black hole in space that were released just yesterday.  Einstein predicted the existence of black holes over a century ago and it has taken until now to prove it.
He had some lovely photos of aurora borealis taken during visits to Scotland.  The aurora occurs as the earth’s magnetic field reacts to the energy emitted by the sun’s solar flares.  Edinburgh Scotland is at the same latitude as southern Hudson’s Bay so it is a good place to view the northern lights, except during the summer months due to the length of the day there.
Technology has been developed to make space travel possible.  Safely crossing the radiation belt (Van Allen’s belt) around the earth was a challenge for the early Apollo space program and remains a challenge for the International Space Station today. 
The Stratford Astrology group welcomes new members.  It meets on the first and third Tuesday each month at St Mike’s School from September until June.
Doug was thanked by George Schroeder.
Scribe: Wendy Anderson
Guests:  Today we welcomed: David Daglish - Stratford
Draw: The prize today, donated by Robert Ritz, and Berny Nymeyer was the winner.
Rotary Announcements
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Make-ups: No report. 
April’s Attendance Committee:  Walt Bathe (I/C), Gary Morris, Roger Black, Mark Smith, Tony Carter, Patti Riehl, Guy Chadsey, Rena Spevak Orr.