Posted by Nick Aroutzidis on Dec 21, 2018
December 27, 2018: NO MEETING 
January 3, 2019: Leslie Wright, “Labrinthe, visit to Chartres”, John Wright will introduce, and Elizabeth Gaffney will give thanks. 
Worse Christmas outfit

Head Table:  Our President Paul Roulston, invites, John Wright, Craig Pearce, Arlene Pol. Mimi Price, Steve Rae, Pat Redshaw and Lutzen Riedstra, to join him at the head table.

Today at Rotary: The pillars of Rotary can be summed up in two words--FELLOWSHIP and SERVICE. Today's meeting was a fine example of these two concepts. Fellowship abounded as the chatter was so noticeable upon entering the room. The Friends of Rotary were accompanied by many other guests, and the festive season was most evident in the attire worn by Rotarians and guests. Apparently even Bill Lemmon was "presentable". Best/worst costumes were won by Elizabeth and Gary ( if you were absent I will leave it to your imagination as to whom was the worst dressed).Sergeant at Arms Guy Chadsey was at his usual best with his "off the cuff penetrating zingers"! Methinks he missed the festive message? Our entertainment was provided by Paula Ortelli and the Central choir. The students offered a mixture of old and new season's favourites--beautifully sung. They earned a return trip for 2019! The meeting closed with the club belting out a few carols led by the 3 musketeers- Steven, Elizabeth, and Fritz. Although entertaining, the board should review whether they deserve a return invitation for 2019.
Paula Ortelli and Central Choir who performed 4 wonderful Christmas songs for club.
Service was also noticeable at today's meeting. Rotarians donated just short of $1200 for the food banks of Stratford. As well, we donated funds to our caterers for their outstanding service and meals at our weekly meetings. The Christmas dinner today was excellent. There was a favourable report from our new venture--: Cookies and Carols chaired by Michael Fox, and an announcement of a $40,000 donation to the Rotary Hospice from the Catch the Ace fundraiser. The club also presented a Paul Harris Fellowship to a non-Rotarian--John Kastner. What a great way to honour service by including local residents who also provide service for others in the community.
Club trio leading us in Christmas carols.
There will be no meeting next week. Enjoy the holiday season, and when we resume on January 3, 2019, let us continue with FELLOWSHIP and SERVICE.
Scribe: Wilhelm Zitrone
John Kastner being awarded a Paul Harris fellow by Rick Orr
Best dressed Christmas outfit at meeting
Rotary Announcements
Canadian Dairy Expo
We are in need of someone to organize parking for the Canadian Dairy Expo in April. If we are unsuccessful in finding a volunteer for this position early in the new year we will notify CDX that we will not participate this year.  If interested please contact Paul or Charlene.
With respect to Foundation ByLaws as presented at last week’s meeting the Board has decided to seek the advice of Carters Law Firm as to appropriate wording.
Catch the Ace
The Catch the Ace committee submitted their final report to the Board with the recommendation that $40,000.00 be contributed to the Hospice and that the remainder of the proceeds be donated to the Local to satisfy our commitments to these organizations.
Guests:  Nelda Mossip - PDG Maurice Oliver, Vera Catania, Ann Snider, Jocelyn Ventrcek, Ellen McLaren, JoAnn Hayter, Kel Pero, Carolyn Lapier, Audrey Little, Ying McCann, John Kastner, Alex Kastner, Marg Crawford, Ev Scott, Ned Cindall, Tom Walsh, Friday Eicpe, Mary Black, Lea Hunt
Candid shots of members and friends in Christmas finery
Friends of Rotary and other spouses of past Rotarians invited for our Christmas party
Draw: No Draw
Make-ups: No report. 
L & M catering thanking us for our Christmas gift and wonderful year together. They in turn were thanked for all the extra and special things they do for our club
January’s Attendance Committee: Bruce McLaren(I/C), Colleen Devine, Diane Sewell, Craig Pearce, Peter Maranger, Karel Hodgert, Bob Malcolmson.