January 5 2017:  Fritz Steigmier and Katelin Aitcheson “Financial Planning and Charitable Givings “.  Our speaker will be introduced by Shawn Malvern and thanked by David Bean.

Head Table:  Our President Kevin Silver, invites, Shawn Malvern, Tracy Van Kalsbeek, Dan Vito, Alan Wakelin, Susan Wakelin, Anne Walsh, and Reg White, to join him at the head table.
This Week:  With a fresh flurry of lovely white snow, Rotarians gathered for a mid-season lunch and fellowship.  There was a less formal programme and a smaller (but dedicated) group so lunch was a time for exchanging stories, laughter and Rotarian fellowship. President Kevin descended from the Olympian heights of Head Table and the head table was dark; we missed the tinkling of the ivories by Michael Fox; and the Sergeant-at-Arms was not present to fine anyone. 
Doug Thompson presented a PowerPoint on the work of the Medical Mission to San Luis, Nicaragua in 2016 – a project supported by Rotary and many individuals.  The slide show reminded us of the very valuable work that the Mission performs in bringing a wide array of health assistance to a needy community.  The breadth of the Mission was impressive – from physical examinations, hearing and vision clinics, and physiotherapy to oral and dental hygiene.  The Mission had prepared a container of equipment and supplies and sent it ahead; when the team arrived, the container could be unpacked and put to immediate use.  The donated equipment included a dental chair, ultrasound machine, basic medical supplies and even toothbrushes and toothpaste.
But the Mission went further, supplying hospital beds and dehydrated food, books for a library and resources for a music programme.  One of the most surprising contributions of the Mission was the vaccination of dogs against rabies – a disease that is a constant threat in a poor community with lots of free-roaming dogs.
During the time there the team oversaw the digging and constructing of 15 outhouses, each 16 feet deep and lined with brick walls.  This construction will considerably enhance community health for a long time.  (When Doug asked for questions following his presentation, the focus was largely on the outhouses – a Rotarian preoccupation?).
The Mission will be returning to Nicaragua in February 2017 with new members and some returning veterans.  Again, Rotary has been supportive of the Mission and its work, for which Doug gave thanks.  Doug’s presentation, the season of goodwill and a gathering of generous, caring and committed Rotarians reinforced for many the spirit of Rotary as we enter a new year.
Scribe: Guy Chadsey
Guests: Today we welcomed Heather Carr.
Draw: The draw prize today was a gift certificate for an anonymous donor and was won by Norm Bird.
Make-ups: Angus MacDermid, December 21 at the Tavistock RC.
January’s Attendance Committee: Peter Maranger (I/C), Gerry Culliton, Bob Martin, Ralph Robinson, Bill Arthur, Tracy Van Kalsbeek, Karel Hodgert, Bruce McLaren, Katelyn Aitcheson, Diane Sewell, Craig Pearce.