Posted by Nick Aroutzidis on Feb 24, 2018
March 1, 2018: Linda Bathe “Club ownership and Mini Classification from Elizabeth Gaffney”.

Head Table:  Our President Linda Bathe, invites all major chairpersons, to join her at the head table.
This Week: Today our speaker was our club member Colleen Brown who presented her classification talk.
Colleen Brown giving her classification talk on Custom Kitchen Design.
Colleen started out by saying that she knew this required Rotary talk was going to be difficult for her. As it turned out, we were the recipients of her very interesting life journey story from Etobicoke to Stratford - 3 provinces, 1 State, 13 houses not to mention the challenges of a husband's cancer and death and a child's mental disability. (Her father being a minister explained the moves.)
Starting out in Etobicoke, the first move, 1965 was to St Lambert, just next to the site of Expo 67 which was in view out their house window and which they enjoyed before moving in 1968 to Arlington Virginia where in grade 2 she experienced the integration of her school. Desegregation of schools, the Vietnam war and the nearby Pentagon meant there were frightening fire drills and bomb drills in schools. The Smithsonian  and its Triceratops in the park plus hosting foreign visitors to the Pentagon were more fun.
The next move was to St Anne de Belleview for 7 years - but this included the time of the FLQ and military forces plus lockdown events.
Then on to Orillia for 22 years.  Here Colleen graduated in interior design, married, had 3 kids in 3 years. Meghan, the youngest was mentally handicapped and in need of constant care. Colleen's artistic talent showed up in creating jewellery and painting murals.
The next move was for Colleen and family to move to Edmonton where she joined a cabinet manufacturing company based in Saskatchewan, Colleen designed show room displays some of which were published in the House and Home magazine.  Her husband's death from cancer was followed by a time that Colleen directed her energy to volunteering in missions in Edmonton.
The next move was to Guelph to be near her dad. She joined Creative Kitchens in Kitchener which led to the move to Stratford.   Here she connected to SABA and the Home and Leisure Show  and our Rotary club.
Colleen has two married children in Edmonton and a granddaughter named after Bob Marley.
This was a fantastically interesting talk that Colleen gave us today. She touched on her life experiences that link her to so many reasons why she has found her home in the Rotary club of Stratford.
Colleen was introduced by Charlene Gordon and thanked by Montana Wilson.
Scribe:  Norm Bird 
Guests:  Today we welcomed: Kevin Larson from Stratford.
Draw: The draw prize today was a gift certificate donated by John Wollat and won by Roger Black.
Rotary Announcements February 22, 2018
Ken Nesbitt, Catch the Ace:  We are in week 15 and we are fine for volunteers for the next 2 weeks, there are still spots for the last 2 weeks of March.  The jack pot is building and we have a few signs around town displaying the total:  Peter Maranger’s business on Huron St., The Rotary Complex sign and The Arden Park sign. If you have any other ideas to promote Catch the Ace, please let Ken know.
Rob Ritz, CDX, The Dairy Expo:  There will be a sign-up sheet on Club Runner for help with parking.  Set up day is March 31 and the shifts will start at 6:30 am April 4th and 5th.  Please sign up to help, last year we made $2500.
President’s Corner
First, I would like to add my thanks to all who helped us with the move, Mike G, Dan Kane, Patti Riehl, Karel Hodgert, Harry Brightwell, Basil Hurst and my husband Dave Fuhrman and his truck.  A special thanks to Charlene, chief organizer……. and to Barb Sangster and Randy Petrie from the Army Navy organization for finding space for us and making the move as easy as possible.
There are a few events coming for the district:
-District Learning Assembly on April 7th in Sarnia or Owen Sound—Let Charlene know if you would like to join her and Paul at this event to learn more about Rotary through break-out sessions and guest speakers.
---District Conference—Join District Govenor Martin Ward--May 4th and 5th in Grand Bend at the Oakwood Resort—‘Embracing Change’ is the theme.
--International Convention—June 25 to 27 in Toronto---(There are volunteer opportunities, if anyone is interested I can put you in touch with Diane Yundt)
-On March 5 the St Mary’s Rotary Club will host PDG Will Hugh to speak about what is happening at the RI Convention as part of the HOST organizing Committee.  I believe Brent Shackleton is going and if anyone would like to join him please let me know by Feb 28th.
Make-ups: Angus MacDermid, February 21 at Fort Walton Beach RC.
March’s Attendance Committee: Rob Russell (I/C), Jim Scott, Dave Bean, Walt Bathe, John Wright, Andrea Page, Chris Thomson, Al Wakelin, Jo-Anne Hood Tidman, Doug Brown.