January 26 2017:  Anne Campbell and Dianne Gaffney “HPHA Partners in Care “.  Our speaker will be introduced by Jim Young, and thanked by Dr. Bob Martin.

Head Table:  Our President Kevin Silver, invites, Jim Young, Guy Bellehumeur, Norm Bird, Roger Black, Carolyn Blackburn and Bill Braun, to join him at the head table.
Our program speaker John Kastner Director of Stratford/Perth Museum introduced by Charlene Gordon.
This Week:  This Week:  Today, John Kastner, General Manager of the Stratford, Perth Museum was here to give us his annual update on what's new for 2017 at the museum. It was easy to see that John enjoyed this visit, as we enjoyed hearing him tell his news of the upcoming museum season.
John Kastner speaking on many upcoming exhibits and programs for 2017 including a very special Inuit Art exhibit.
John began by telling how a meeting with  the Stratford Festival's Antoni Cimolino  back in 2014 led to a partnership that has grown in more ways than were imagined, and has led to many more visitors and popular exhibits and additional sponsoring groups like the AGO and the ROM. Renovations were needed to accommodate the crowds who came to see the Shakespeare First Folio exhibit, the Anne Frank exhibit, the C S Lewis exhibit, the Textile Art exhibit and so on... John thanked Rotary for funding help with these renovations.
John tells us that there is more to come. 2017 will feature an exhibit on the Franklin Expedition and this will relate to the Stratford Festival's "The Breathing Hole". As well, there are to be speakers and the list is expected to include Tim MacDonald and Jim Balsillie.
Through cooperation with the AGO, there will be an exhibit of a collection of  forty of the top Inuit art carvings.
The museum staff are planning a permanent exhibit on the history of Stratford and Perth County and there are plans for a railroad history of Stratford.
John said that he can no longer use the slogan "There is nothing new at the museum because it is all old" Now the slogan is: "There is so much that is new that it cannot be described and you must come and see".
From right President of Stratford/Perth Museum board Susan Fox, director John Kastner  and our thanker Michael Fox
Our speaker was introduced by Charlene Gordon and thanked by Michael Fox.
Scribe: Norm Bird
Guests: Today we welcomed Kevin Nomormura, John Wright, Susan Fox, Mervin Donney and Heather Carr.
Draw: The draw prize today was won by Peter Roach.
Make-ups: Angus MacDermid January 18 at the Rotary Club of Fort Walton Beach, Florida, and Gord Sherwin, January 17 at the FCRC.
January’s Attendance Committee: Peter Maranger (I/C), Gerry Culliton, Bob Martin, Ralph Robinson, Bill Arthur, Tracy Van Kalsbeek, Karel Hodgert, Bruce McLaren, Katelyn Aitcheson, Diane Sewell, Craig Pearce.
February’s Attendance Committee:  Ron Mckay (I/C), Michael Fox, Shawn Malvern, Ryan Erb, Rob Roes, Rick Orr, Elizabeth Gaffney, Dan Kane, Wendy Anderson, Michael Bellai, Jerry McEwin.