Posted by Nick Aroutzidis on Jan 27, 2018
February 1, 2018: Kathyrn Hahn, “Polio Plus Visit to India”, our speakers will be introduced by Robert Ritz and Jim Scott will thank our speaker.

Head Table:  Our President Linda Bathe, invites, Robert Ritz, Anne Walsh, Reg White, Doug Wilson, Montana Wilson and John Woollatt, to join her at the head table.
This Week: Ken Nesbitt introduced our guest speaker today, Jerry Petrie, a Stratford boy who made good in the sports world, and who has recently returned to live in his hometown.
Jerry grew up in Stratford, attending St Joseph’s School and Central Secondary School, where he was advised to get as much education as he could.  As a youth, Jerry could be found at the Arena, where he did a variety of jobs, including cleaning the ice in the pre-Zamboni era, in exchange for free ice time. 
Jerry eventually played hockey at the University of Denver where there were 22 Canadians and 1 American on the team.  
Jerry was quick to say that he had never worked a day in his life – he always had fun at what he was doing.  He moved to Montreal, where he and a partner began a business called Sports Administration 1970.  A minority partner in the business was Jean Belliveau.  There were few sports ‘agents’ at the time, but the others in the business were all lawyers, so the business began with a focus on superstar power, arranging marketing opportunities, product endorsements and public service announcements for their clients.
Eventually, they took on contract negotiations and represented many familiar sports figures mainly from the hockey world, although they also represented Nancy Greene, the CFL players association, the Canadian Ski Association and the Canadian Professional Golf Association.  They were responsible for bringing Gordie Howe out of retirement so that he could play in the WHA with his sons Mark and Marty.
Later they branched into communications, developing programs such as Pro Tips Hockey, featuring Howie Meeker, Pro Tips Baseball, hosted by Duke Snider and the Howie Meeker Hockey School.
Perspectives of a Sports Agent
  1.  Three on three overtime hockey is as exciting and wacky as pond hockey.  Forget the shootout and give us another period of the three on three format.
  2. Do away with back to back games.  They are totally unfair to the team that is playing two nights in a row and give a tremendous advantage to the team that is not.
  3. NHL rinks are too small.  The size of the players today makes it difficult to play.  Maybe Mr Bettman should consider a 4 on 4 format to give the players room to move.
  4. American University Hockey is exploding and will be the source of most future NHL players.  The players get an education, have a limited game schedule and unlimited practice time so that they can develop their skills.  Much better than the Junior A hockey system in Canada.
Our speaker was thanked on behalf of the club by Bert Clifford.
Scribe: Wendy Anderson
Guests:  Today we welcomed: Barry Jesson - Cleveland Indian Scout, Bernie Lawrence – Stratford, Dean Robinson – Stratford, Redie Nerayo – Kitchener, Sherry Graham - Stratford 
Draw: The prizes this week were donated by: Gord Steed (donated a Rheo Thompson gift basket), and won by Bert Clifford, Ryan Erb (donated 2 tickets to the BeeGees/ABBA tribute concert this weekend), and won by George Schroeder.
Rotary Announcements Jan 25, 2018
  1. Clark Mitchell noted that the annual Service Club Bonspiel is being held at the SCC on February 10.  Anyone interested in participating should get in touch with Clark.
  1. Roger Black reported on the recent Rotary Can Am Bonspiel hosted by our club.  Each year a designated charity receives a $750 donation from the organizing committee on behalf of the curlers. Our Hospice project was identified as the charity of choice. During the closing banquet, one Rotarian from Wisconsin spoke up on behalf of hospices and began passing the hat around the room.  A total of $2950.00 will be going to the Hospice project from the Rotary Can Am curlers.
  1. Mimi Price reported that she received a cheque for $2000.00 from the Rotaract Club at their recent meeting as part of their 5 year pledge toward the Hospice project.
  1. A thank you for our food bank support was received from the Outreach Committee of Avondale United Church.
  1. Rotary Location process:
  1. Over the last three weeks, three different sites have been given a trial run as possible permanent locations for our club meetings.
  1. Next week (Feb. 1), we will return to the Kiwanis Centre and there will be some discussion on the merits of each of the locations. 
  1. The following week, (Feb 8), the members will vote on their preferred location.  Ballots may be submitted electronically to club secretary Charlene until midnight on February 7.
  2. The Club will also be meeting at the Kiwanis Centre on February 15.
Paul Harris presentation:
Jim Scott made a presentation to Gary Morris for his work on behalf of the Aquabox committee, having spent countless hours testing the various components of the Aquabox kits, and streamlining the assembly process.  Today our components are 100% Canadian and the ‘builds’ are a thing of beauty to behold.  Congratulations and thanks to Gary Morris!
Make-ups: Angus MacDermid, January 17 and 24 at the Fort Walton, RC.
February’s Attendance Committee: Michael Fox (I/C), Shawn Malvern, Ryan Erb, Bob Malcolmson, Rick Orr, Elizabeth Gaffney, Dan Kane, Wendy Anderson, Debra Swan, John Woollatt