January 5 2017:  Dr. Kathyrn Hibert “Lessons from the Aftermath of a Disaster Fukusima “.  Our speaker will be introduced by Brent Shackleton, and thanked by Philip Schroeder.

Head Table:  Our President Kevin Silver, invites, Brent Shackleton, Doug Wilson, Gezahgn Wordofa, Gary Wreford, Jim Young, Kathelyn Aitcheson and Wendy Anderson, to join him at the head table.
Over guest speakers Fritz Steigmeier and Katelyn Aitcheson introduced by Shawn Malvern speaking on Estate Planning and Charitable Givings.
This Week:  Fritz Steigmeier and Kathelyn Aitcheson enlightened us with their presentations on “Financial Planning and Charitable Givings “.
Fritz discussed estate planning and explained how it's about life, both now and in the future. Most importantly, It's about the lives of your family and loved ones and the peace of mind you receive from preserving their financial security.
Fritz shared with today's receptive audience both the benefits and complexities of estate planning while outlining the steps involved. He cautioned that the average time needed to settle an estate was 18 to 24 months. Fritz went on to strongly recommend looking into the Insurance Act and its advantages for passing on assets.  
Katelin then spoke about charitable giving. She started by highlighting how Canadians donate approximately $10.6 billion dollars to charities every year. She stressed the need for a plan and strategy in order to make the most of your donation. Something to consider would be the use of an insurance policy and assigning it to a charity. Katelin underlined the importance of discussing your plans with the charity and making sure that it has a registration number.
Their presentations were well received with several good questions raised during the talks.
Shawn Malvern introduced and David Bean thanked our speakers.
Scribe: Philip Schroeder
Guests: Today we welcomed Heather Carr, Kevin Nonomura and John Wright.
Draw: The draw prize today was a gift certificate donated by Jim Snider and was won by Guy Bellehumeur.
Make-ups: Nothing to report.
Our new Sergeant-at arms John Hood-Tidman cracking the whip at his first meeting.
Fritz Steigmeier announcing his step daughter Paige having the first New Year’s baby.
January’s Attendance Committee: Peter Maranger (I/C), Gerry Culliton, Bob Martin, Ralph Robinson, Bill Arthur, Tracy Van Kalsbeek, Karel Hodgert, Bruce McLaren, Katelyn Aitcheson, Diane Sewell, Craig Pearce.
Welcome Tommy to Stratford.