Posted by Nick Aroutzidis on Jun 27, 2019
July 4, 2019: Brent Shackleton “New President's Inauguration”.

Head Table:  Our President Brent Shackleton, invites all major chairpersons, to join him at the head table.

Today at Rotary:  The end of a President’s term in Rotary is a time for reflection, reminiscences and roasting.  As President was winding up his year, our Club said thank you and best wishes. 
The past year’s Sergeants-at-Arms made sure that Paul did not escape without a more than a little ribbing and in-coming President, Brent Shackleton, no stranger to good humour, congratulated Paul beginning with an amusing video clip of a pharmacist and Larry David, the comedian.  The clip proved that a pharmacist is always right – Paul did not refute that!
Brent thanked Paul for his achievements during his year – administrative reforms, a commitment to encouraging new members, awarding of significant and much-deserved Paul Harris Awards, and the advent of Catch-the Ace as a welcome addition to the club’s fundraising activities.  Indeed, Kevin Nonomura had reported earlier that the proceeds from Catch-the Ace had assisted with the club’s finances this past year.  
Linda Bathe presented Paul with a Paul Harris Award following which Paul himself spoke.  He emphasized how much he had enjoyed the year, the challenges and the support of the Club membership.  He pointed out that he felt that our efforts to reach out to other clubs in the area was bearing fruit and that his attending events throughout the area had not only been enjoyable but also an opportunity to see how well-regarded Rotary is.  Paul also thanked the Board, congratulated those involved with the Car Rally for a successful launch of this new event. As well as mentioned, that the Dragon Boat day had been blessed with wonderful weather and increased attendance and revenue.
Finally, Paul took off the blue President’s jacket (which actually did not fit him) and helped Brent to don it.  While the jacket itself is old and rather unattractive, it has been worn by Presidents for several decades and is a treasured tradition in Stratford Rotary.
With that, incoming President Brent raised the gavel and adjourned the meeting, as we all look forward to a new year in Rotary.
Your tardy but scrupulous  Scribbler,
Scribe: Guy Chadsey
Guests: Today we welcomed: Ron Shaw - Rotary club of Lionsgate, North Vancouver, Lucas Carvahlo - New generations exchange
Foundation Draw: Two prizes were donated by Colleen Devine and George Schroeder and won by Bill Lemmon and Lynn McKone.
Make-ups: No report. 
July’s Attendance Committee: Rheo Thompson (I/C), Steve Lichty, Bob Lightfoot, Bill Lemmon, Pat Redshaw, Jim Snider, Carolyn Drummond, R.J. Stevenson-Read.