Posted by Nick Aroutzidis on Mar 28, 2019
April 4, 2019: Ron Pozno (is Stratford Dementia Friendly), Clark Mitchell will introduce, and Steve Lichty will give thanks. 

Head Table:  Our President Paul Roulston, invites, Clark Mitchell, Tina Buechler, Lana Burchett, Heather Carr, Tony Carter, Guy Chadsey and Steve Chandler, to join him at the head table.

Today at Rotary: You would think that running a non-profit corporation which benefits people’s lives would be encouraged by the minimizing of “red tape” and labyrinthine rules.  But no.  And when the new Ontario Non-profit Corporation Act is finally enacted, the ground rules are becoming even more complex.
Speakers  Rotarians Mimi Price and Andrea Page on ONCA legislation.
The first version of the Act was passed in 1967 and then revised and updated in 2010.  While it passed, this new act has not yet been brought into force – but it now seems likely that it will be by 2020.  The Act governs the way in which non-profit corporations operate and so it is critical that organizations such as Rotary understand are in compliance with the Act.
Rotarians Mimi Price and Andrea Page began their presentation on the implications of the new Act with the caveat that they did not have all the answers, and indeed were not sure that anyone did.  But they stressed that while organizations may have up to 3 years to be in full compliance, some regulations will “kick in” immediately, so organizations must begin now to prepare.
Andrea and Mimi indicated that Rotary needs to be mindful of the protection and proper governance of our assets, particularly those of our Foundation; ensure risk mitigation; practice reputation management; and the protection of our members.
Our Rotary Club has been active, through the Legislation Committee chaired by Jim Young, in conducting the necessary albeit tedious reviews, providing guidance and a framework for proceeding to our Board; and identifying areas of concern.
To this end, The Rotary Club of Stratford has moved to formally separate the Club and the Foundation into two entities, each with its own Board (and we duly elected those two Boards at our March 28th Club meeting).  In addition, the Club will updating its Club Objects to reflect and align with our current activities and programmes.  This has included a thorough review of our Letters Patent and our Bylaws; and to establish sections around number of directors, definitions of a “voting member” (not all members may be voting members); disposal of assets should the Club dissolve; and notification of AGM’s and circulation of financial statements.
Some of the changes that will be apparent will be provisions for proxy voting and electronic meetings, availability of member lists to members, risk assumption by members, among others.  All this is intended to extend power to all members but it carries with it greater responsibility for members, not just the Board.
Mimi indicated that there will be webinars offered to assist with learning about the revised Act as well as a seminar, Governance 101, offered by governance guru Don McCreesh on April 27.
Both Mimi and Andrea emphasized that our Rotary Club is very active in preparing for the changes and while it is a challenging task, it is crucial to our ability to continue to conduct our programmes and make a very real difference in our community and our world.  
Scribe: Guy Chadsey
Guests:  Today we welcomed: Amy Mullock - Scotiabank Stratford, David Daglish -Stratford, Myrna Inglis - Walkerton Rotary, Anne Fontana - Stratford Perth Rotary Hospice, Judy Matheson - Stratford summer music, Elaine Clarke Siberry - L’Arche Stratford, Bill Helmuth - Festival City Rotary Club, Tyler Canal - Festival City Rotary Club, Jean Aitcheson  - Festival City Rotary Club
Draw: Two (2) prizes today, donated by Bruce McLaren, $50 LCBO gift card and Anonymous, Tickets to Rocky the musical, Hamilton theatre for Drayton and Wendy Anderson and RL Read were the winners.
Rotary Announcements
Rural Urban Night – Thursday, April 18 at the Rotary Complex – Social at 6, Dinner at 7.  Tickets will be available at regular Rotary meetings starting March 7.  $35.00 each.  Reserved seating available for tables of 8 or more.
The Social Committee has organized an outing on Friday, May 31 via highway coach to Western Fair Raceway to the Above the Raceway restaurant/lounge.  Cost is $65 pp which includes transportation, buffet meal, and all taxes and fees. 
There is space for 56 people - Rotarians and non-Rotarians are welcome.  Roger Black will be accepting reservations and payments at next Thursday's lunch meeting (March 21).  Or email him.
The motor coach will depart from 30 Queensland Road (former Sobey's mall at the intersection of Queensland and Lorne - lots of free parking) at 5:30 pm, arriving back in Stratford about 11:30 pm.
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April’s Attendance Committee:  Walt Bathe (I/C), Gary Morris, Roger Black, Mark Smith, Tony Carter, Patti Riehl, Guy Chadsey, Rena Spevak Orr.