Although our weekly meetings have been suspended for the time being, the spirit of Rotary lives on.  In the coming weeks and months there will be many opportunities to live our motto of Service above Self. If you have any items you would like to see included in the bulletin please forward them onto Dan Kane -


Ken NesbittMar 12
Heidi CullitonMar 07
Bob Lightfoot Mar 05
Dave ScottMar 02 
Josef FrankMar 18
Ralph RobinsonMar 18
Dan ScarboroughMar 19
Chris ThomsonMar 19
Dave SkinnerMar 22
Gerry Culliton Mar 25
Wendy AndersonMar 28
John FisherMar 30  


NameYears Date
Norm Briscoe45 yearsMar 01 1975
Gordon Sherwin20 yearsMar 09 2000
Dan Vito22 yearsMar 12 1998
Ed Dujlovic5 years Mar 19 2015
Katherine Hahn17 yearsMar 20 2003
Ian MacLean16 yearsMar 24 2004

Virtual Happy Bucks

Katherine Hahn is happy to announce that her daughter and son in law are expecting their first baby in October. 

Virtual Thank You Bucks

To Rotarian Debra Swan and her team at the Local Community Food Centre. These are just some of the activities that she and her staff have been involved with this week to support our community during this crisis.
·         Monday we geared up for 100 and ran out of meals - scrounging in the freezer for the last half dozen or so portions.  Today we prepped for more, and I'm told we served 125 meals.
·         Breakfast burritos as takeaways on Fridays, as it has become evident that many of our patrons counted on the Friday cafe we held alongside the Friday market for their warm meal of the day.
·         We've added another organization to our list of supports - Emily Murphy Centre will be picking up about 30 - 50 meals per week for its residents
·         I can't tell you how proud I am of the staff - they have really come through for the organization.  They are a small crew of 6, but mighty as hell!
Here is the Local’s web site to donate or learn more about there important work re food access and security within the community.
To help out the Local with a donation to support their efforts you can visit