Posted by Nick Aroutzidis on Nov 24, 2019
November 28, 2019: Amy Mullock, “Classification”, Gary Wreford will introduce, and Rhonda Lee Stephenson-Read will thank our speaker.
Head Table:  Our President Brent Shackleton, invites Gary Wreford, Charlene Gordon, Mike Gruszczynski, Bob Gulliford, Katherine Hahn, Sarah Hamza, and Jim Hayes, to join him at the head table.
Today at Rotary:  Our guest speaker was Dr. Collan Simmons, a Physician at Stratford hospital and the Perth-Wellington candidate for the Green Party in the recent federal election. His talk today addressed the reality of climate change and how we as individuals or families can make choices that help to reduce our carbon footprint.
Program Speaker Dr.  Collan Simmons , federal candidate for the Green party speaking on global warming and what we can do. Personal choices
Dr. Simmons presented data showing climatic temperature rise,  the gradual increase of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere over the past century and also data that predicts serious climate problems in the decades ahead.
He suggested that as individuals and families we should look at what we can do in our choices of things we do and buy and to do what we can to reduce our carbon footprint. To consider the choices , some are difficult and some are complicated and some can be identified as "the low hanging fruit" and perhaps the best place to start. The "low hanging fruit" includes fossil fuels production and consumption. This could direct people to such choices as an electric car, reduced travel, reduced air travel, solar panels, reduction of food waste, choose foods that have a lower carbon footprint. choose to not invest in fossil fuel production etc.
Dr Simmons feels that governments cannot force change on people easily and so it becomes the responsibility of individuals to make the choices that are possible for them to make.
Dr Collan Simmons was introduced by Doug Thompson and thanked by Rena Orr.
Scribe: Norm Bird
Rotary Hospice: Today we honoured the members of the Stratford Rotary Hospice Steering Committee by making each one of them a Paul Harris Fellow. This award presentation was conducted by Linda Bathe who began by showing a video of the Rotary Hospice in operation. This video will be available from the hospice website. It showed a caretaking place while respecting privacy. It is excellent. Using music and slow-motion it exudes calmness, caring, and peace.
Members of the original Hospice Board each honored with Paul Harris Fellows for their outstanding work on bringing the Hospice Project to fruition. From left to right Linda Bathe, Andy Werner, Eugene Dufour, Connie Bedford, Joan Ritsma, Harry Brightwell, Anne Fontana, Dennis Young.
Special Paul Harris recognition to Linda Bathe who helped guide the Hospice Project.
Following the video, Linda introduced each member of the steering committee as the Paul Harris awards were presented. Two members who were not present are Barb Hagarty and Mary Raithby. The others are listed below in the list of guests.
President Brent presented a Paul Harris award to Linda Bathe in recognition of her outstanding contribution to this committee.   
Diane Yundt Assistant District Governor giving an award to our  club for Polio Plus work
Guests: We welcomed the following members of the Stratford Rotary Hospice Steering Committee:  Dianne Parr, Lucie Stuart, Andy Werner, Eugene Dufour, Connie Bedford, Dennis Young, Anne Fontana, Joan Ritsma. As well, we welcomed Bill Helmuth and deputy District Governor Dianne Yundt from the Festival City club.
Foundation Draw: The prize today was donated by Kevin Silver and won by Bert Clifford.
Make-ups: RL Read and Katherine Hahn have been to the following Rotary meetings: Rotary Club of Hatfield, Pretoria, South Africa, Rotary Club of Pretoria East, South Africa, Rotary Club of Haerentsburg, South Africa.
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November’s Attendance Committee: Paul Siberry (I/C), Dave Skinner, Gerry Thuss, Sue Wakelin, Clark Mitchell, Jim Young, Lana Burchett, Dave Hunt, Nick Aroutzidis.
December’s Attendance Committee: John Kechnie (I/C), Fritz Steigmeier, Guy Bellehumeur, Geza Wordofa, Ollie Henry, Mark Smith, Wendy Wilkinson, Amy Mullock.