Posted by Nick Aroutzidis on Nov 09, 2017
November 16, 2017: Jim Sidwell, “Safety at home and in workplace”, John Fisher will introduce and Guy Bellehumeur will thank our speaker.

Head Table:  Our President Linda Bathe, invites, John Fisher, Rick Orr, Andrea Page, Doug Page, Craig Pearce and Arlene Pol, to join her at the head table.
This Week:  Rheo Thompson introduced our own Alan Wakelin for our annual Remembrance Day program.
Rotarian Al Wakelin was speaker at our Remembrance Day service.
Alan, a retired Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officer, wore his dress uniform as he is allowed to do for special occasions upon retirement.  He even shaved and got a haircut in accordance with regulations.
Al reviewed with us his career as a "Mountie" and relayed his personal journey of discovery during his posting as a peacekeeper in Bosnia and dedicated his talk to C.M Ralph.  He shared with us some of the horrors he witnessed while over there and the good work provided by Canadian Peacekeepers on that assignment.  While there, he investigated cold blooded murders and systemic ethnic cleansing.  
Al then covered the history of the RCMP starting with their original formation as the North West Mounted Police in the early 1900's and their participation in the Boer War in South Africa.  In 1920, the NWMP amalgamated with the Dominion Police to form what is now the RCMP.  Al reviewed the RCMP's role in the Great War and other conflicts around the world, often as Peacekeepers.
Al's family has had a long association with the military and policing which he reviewed for us on both sides of his family.  
Al told us he was a student, participant and witness to war.  After reciting for us "In Flanders Fields, by Dr. John McCrae of Guelph, Ontario, he talked of many of the world's major conflicts within the context of this poem.  He talked about war being so unnecessary such as the case with World War I and how World War II could have been prevented by standing up to Hitler's early invasions.  Our current democracies are now stronger and more transparent, and this provides hope that war is now much harder to start.  However, that is not to say that we will break faith with those who lie in Flanders Fields.
Al believes that the United Nations is our best hope for peace for the future and hopes that the Superpowers can put aside their agendas and keep the peace in our area of the planet.  God knows that there are too many areas where there is not peace.
So, to those who gave their lives in wars, can finally sleep as the poppy's grow in Flanders Fields.
Jim Scott thanked Al for his insightful and informative talk and his personal role as a Canadian Peacekeeper.  Al concluded with having us recite a poem and a video called, A Pittance in Time."
Scribe: Ron Shaw
Guests:  Today we welcomed: Bob Malcolmson, Stratford, Wendy Wilkinson, Stratford,  Charles Ryde, Bruce Simpson, Colin Brisboisand the following members of the St. Michael School Interact Club  - Connor Gregga and Britannie Perrin.
Draw: The draw prize today was a Gift Card by David Bean and was won by Paul Roulston.
Rotary Announcements:
  • Catch the Ace Web site, facebook and Twitter are up and running.  The web site is where you will find a link to the facebook page and Twitter feed. Please check it out and if you have a facebook page please “like” our page and invite your friends to follow us as well.
  • Aqua Box—November is AquaBox campaign month and you will see something on Club Runner and letters to donors will be mailed out on Monday.  Please help by making a donation to AquaBox.
  • This weekend is the Craft Show.  Friday night is an additional fundraiser with a $10 ticket which allows access all weekend, tastings and first look at the one of a kind crafts.
  • The Committee will be packing a container for Nicaragua next Monday Nov 20—If you can help contact Doug Thompson for more details.
Presidents Announcements:
-The Club’s corporate seal is missing, if anyone knows its whereabouts please let Charlene know
-I am very pleased to announce that the Stratford Perth Hospice Foundation has received its charitable status and will be able to issue its own receipts for donations.  Ralph will be transferring the funds we have been holding which is the proceeds of the fundraising so far and he will be happy to hand over the job of issuing receipts.  The hospice committee has been very appreciative of all the work he has done over the past 4 years.
-There were about 80 people in attendance at the first Rotary Travelogue this past Saturday night and I have just been informed we will be receiving a cheque for $400 for our share of the profits.  I heard it was an interesting presentation and we hope to increase attendance at the next showing which is on the Yukon on Sunday Dec 3.
-Area 3, which is our local group of clubs with our assistant district governor Diane Yundt, is changing.  As of July 1, 2018 it will include the following clubs: Drayton, Festival City, Listowel, Mitchell, St. Marys, Stratford, Stratford Rotaract.
-There is a call for submission of proposed changes to the District 6330 Policies and Procedures document. The Strategic Planning Committee will meet in December and will consider any proposed changes submitted with sufficient lead time to allow appropriate review. If you would like to submit proposed changes let me know and I will give you the contact information.
-Thanks to Jim Scott the club has received a message from Past District Governor Tanya Wolff.  She Said…Great Job and Thank you regarding our Purple Pinky Day
Make-ups: no report
Arts and Craft Show
November’s Attendance Committee: Clark Mitchell (I/C), Jim Young, Marcia Matsui, Lutzen Riedstra, Dave Skinner, Philip Schroeder, Gerry Thuss, Sue Wakelin, Doug Wilson.