Posted by Nick Aroutzidis on Oct 24, 2019
October 31, 2019: R. L. Stephenson-Read, “Classification”, Linda Bathe will introduce, and Lana Burchett will thank our speaker.
Head Table:  Our President Brent Shackleton, invites Linda Bathe, Collen Brown, Doug Brown, Tine Buechler, Lana Buechler, Tony Cart and Guy Chadsey, to join him at the head table.

Today at Rotary:  Our scheduled speaker for today was unable to attend so the time was very ably used by Club Treasurer Kevin Nonomura to bring members up to date on the situation that exists within our club account.  This information was shared with the Board this week and members were fortunate to hear it today, particularly due to the upcoming strategic planning session.
Kevin focussed his analysis solely on the club account, which holds the funds that are used for club operations.  The news wasn’t pretty.
The deficit for club operations this year is going to be about $5000 larger than anticipated in the budget.  The result will be that the surplus within the club account will be reduced to $1700 at the end of the club year.
There are several factors that have contributed to this situation.
The Board has eliminated the administration fee ($50) for new members.
Several members have been moved to honorary or associate status.  They pay reduced fees but the club does not have to remit fees to Rotary International on their behalf.
The loss of funds due to internet fraud on our account is also a factor.  Kevin and Ralph have followed up with our insurance company and are still in contact with the various banks involved to see if some or all the funds might be recouped.  For now, it shows as a loss.
The cost of our meeting space has increased since we moved to our present location. 
The arrangement with our caterer includes a guarantee of 70 meals per week.  At the time that agreement was made, the club was averaging 77 meals per week.  Since the move to Lorne Avenue, the average per week has fallen to just below the guaranteed threshold so the club is losing money on the meals most weeks.
The membership dues ($245) have remained the same since 2015 at the same time as significant annual increases in Rotary International fees have been charged. 
All told, excluding the fraud, the shortfall is $50.00 per member.
Kevin would like to see a cushion within the club account of about $10,000.00 in the event of unforeseen events, like the bank fraud.
The simple solution would be to increase the dues to cover the shortfall.  But, because of the concerns that have been raised recently about the high cost of Rotary being a barrier to new members, perhaps it is time to consider changes to the way we do business.  A topic for strategic planning indeed.
At the outset, Kevin made it clear that the accounts for the Trust and the Charitable Foundation are in good shape.
Thanks to Kevin for his analysis of the situation and his concise comments.
Scribe:  Wendy Anderson
Club Announcements
The social event to Petrolia has been cancelled.
Strategic Planning:
Members should have received a survey on topics related to the upcoming strategic planning session on November 2.  If you could take a minute or two to complete the survey, it would be appreciated.  Also, if you have friends, neighbours or family members who might have opinions on Rotary, their input would be valuable.  Please forward the survey on to them.
If you wish to participate in the strategic planning session itself, you are reminded that it is being held on November 2 at the Stratford Perth Museum from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.  Please register via Club-runner as food needs to be ordered.
Aquabox Build
The next aquabox building session is this Saturday, October 26 at the Jutzi Water Tech building on Wright Boulevard.  More volunteers are needed.  Contact Walt Bathe or Gary Morris if you are able to assist.
Christmas Craft Show is upcoming in two weeks.  Please check Clubrunner for volunteer opportunities.
Our short story contest was well received again this year.
Congratulations and thanks to the Scotch Mist committee for another successful evening this past Saturday.  The financial report will be forthcoming in the near future.
Board Meeting highlights
  • The Board and the club owes a debt of gratitude to Rotarian Jim Young for his many years of leadership on the Legislation Committee.  Jim is stepping down and newish Rotarian Dave Daglish is stepping into some mighty big shoes.  Thanks to Jim and welcome to the position Dave.
  • Catch the Ace committee reports a net profit of $9700 for this year’s effort.  Those proceeds will go toward our Hospice commitment.
  • 100th Anniversary Committee has some interesting plans to celebrate this milestone.
  • The club needs a volunteer to attend the District Meeting on November 2 in Grand Bend in order to meet the requirements for grant applications in the next year.  Unfortunately, this is the same day as our club strategic planning session.  It is imperative that someone attend in Grand Bend.  Please speak to President Brent.
Guests: We welcomed Rotarian Maria Aweng Lual – Stratford, and
Ken Malvern – Stratford.
Foundation Draw: The prize today was donated by Doug Thompson and won by Roger Black.
Make-ups: nothing to report.
Please, if you do a make-up,  please send me an email at
October’s Attendance Committee: George Schroeder (I/C), Doug Thompson, Angus MacDermid, Gary Wreford, Lynn McKone, Rob Ritz, Mike Nielsen, Bert Clifford, Peter Roach.