Stratford Rotary Dragon Boat Festival
The Stratford Rotary Dragon Boat Festival
Saturday September 14th 2024
This year is a special year! We anticipate that we will exceed $1,000,000 profit raised by this event in it's 27th running. It will be held on Lake Victoria in Stratford on September 14, 2024. We hope to have up to 48 teams participating in recreational Hong Kong style races including:
  • A 2,000 meter race final featuring the top eight teams.
  • Over 40, 500 meters races with four lanes.
Classes include Mixed Division, Breast Cancer and Women's Division teams.
Over 3,000 are expected t0 participate, watch the races, enjoy the food, entertainment and refreshments and visit the Kid's Tent.
This event is the largest single fundraiser each year for the Stratford Rotary Club  and it's many Rotary Community projects and activities. We keep costs as low as possible through the efforts of the many volunteers that support the event, the many donors and partners that provide cash and free services to us to pay the expenses of mounting one of the best Dragon Boat Events in Ontario.
Be one of the thousands of people that attend the event and enjoy the day!
Introduction to the website:
We have grouped together content around a number of links that you will find on this page.
  • About Us provides you with some background and a little about the history of the event including some video and audio clips.
  • Event Registration contains everything you need to register your team and sign up it's members.
  • Event Information provides details about the day of the event.
  • Event Results is the posting of the results, pictures of the teams and the unofficial finish line photos.
  • Sponsors and Partners are the critically important financial and services support required to make the event happen.
  • For general questions about the event contact the event chair, Rob Ritz at
  • For administrative questions including registration information contact Susan Roach at
  • For questions regarding the races and the boats contact Mike Neilson at
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