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Rotary Club of Stratford/Master Gardener’s Pollinator Garden Project
Hi Neighbours! We have an exciting new project we would like to start in the north Devon neighbourhood (bordering park) called the Pollinator Garden Project.
Why Pollinator Gardens?
With Climate Change and Global Warming, insecticide use, and loss of habitat and native species, we are quickly losing our pollinators. This is part of global biodiversity loss. Without pollinators, our biodiversity and agricultural economy will be severely affected. When was the last time you saw a bumblebee? They are now on the endangered list and bee populations are declining dramatically.
Why our area?
The border of Devon Street has parkland, and many homes have open back yards that lend themselves to the project and beautify this area. Imagine a series of pollinator gardens extending along the park that you can experience on your morning walk. Not just the flowers, but the biodiversity of plants, birds and animals this project will lend itself to.
What is a pollinator garden?
A pollinator garden is something you can design yourself but it should have the following elements:
  • mostly native plants
  • plants that flower in spring, summer, and fall
  • perhaps a birdbath or water station
We can help you with the design, provide free or much reduced-cost seeds and plants and expertise for right type of layouts, plants and bushes. We may even be able to help with gardening part! It does not have to be manicured. Try wild! The garden must be on your property and this will entail some personal expense.
Native Flowers
Example of native flowers for your garden may include:
  • Black-eyed Susan
  • Canada Anemone
  • Bee balm
  • Butterfly weed
  • Milk Weed
  • Purple Corn Flower
  • Blue False Indigo
  • Wild Strawberry
  • Cardinal Flower
Next step!
It is entirely voluntary but you will be helping the environment and beautification of our park area if you are able to participate.
For more information, or to talk about your garden you may contact Doug Thompson.
340 Devon St ON email ph # 519 949 1634
Native plants are available for purchase at various garden centres and nurseries in/around Stratford. Check out this document for a list of places where you can purchase native plants. Click HERE
Stratford Master Gardeners:
David Suzuki "What native plants attract pollinators in Ontario?"
David Suzuki "How to attract pollinators"
Releaf Stratford:  
Not on Devon Street? Other Opportunities
Support The Local Pollinator Garden
Looking for an opportunity to volunteer at a community garden? The Local Community Food Centre and the Stratford and Area Master Gardeners have partnered to plant 3,500 square feet of habitat for local pollinator species at the Dufferin Park. Read the Beacon Herald News Article March 2023.
Anyone interested in volunteering to either help grow seedlings in the local’s greenhouse or dig and plant the gardens in the spring can contact Lucas at for more information.
Planting Project -- Week of June 26 --
Calling all gardeners and environmental advocates! We have a project for you! 
The Rotary Pollinator Garden project is underway and we need support the week of June 26th.
Where: Parkland behind 340 Devon St Stratford
When:  Week of June 26th, 2023 (June 25, 26 and 27, from 9am to 12 noon)
What? Planting, adding mulch & cardboard
Why? We need more native trees and pollinator plants to support our diminishing pollinators, which provide 60% of our food sources.
Who? A team of around 20 people to volunteer sometime during that week, preferable early in the week with pails, shovels and rakes. Rotarians, Rotaract, friends, neighbours, students - all are welcome! 
How to participate? Please email Doug T at to sign up! 
The Parks Board and Quinn Mallot support this project, and will provide the mulch. Releaf Stratford has provided native plants and 120 native trees for a modest donation. These trees normally retail for $30+ dollars each. Feel free to bring your own native plants, and if you'd live to plant a memorial flower with a tag on it you are welcome to do so.

Dare to Imagine. Rotary Club of Stratford