Posted by Nick Aroutzidis on Feb 08, 2018
February 15, 2018: Fred and Ingrid Martines - “Reinventing the Pork Farm”, our speaker will be introduced by Michael Fox and Fritz Steigmeier will thank our speaker.

Head Table:  Our President Linda Bathe, invites, Michael Fox, Wendy Anderson, Nick Aroutzidis, Ellen Balmain, Walt Bathe, David Bean and Guy Bellehumeur, to join her at the head table.
This Week: Haiti is a country that has suffered great tragedy as a result of natural disasters – the 2010 earthquake which caused catastrophic damage and a humanitarian crisis, followed by Hurricane Matthew which severely set back the recovery efforts from the earthquake.  International assistance with recovery was galvanized and poured into the country.  Much was done to alleviate the suffering of the peoples and to help rebuild infrastructure; alas, some of it was ineffective, too late or just the wrong kind of resources.    
Guess Speaker Rotarian  John Eberhart and friend Rotarian Peter Tywnstra. Both have been very involved in Mission work. John presented his London Clubs project in Haiti.
The Rotary Club of London in conjunction with other clubs in our District has played an important role in ensuring that much needed assistance was provided to at least one community – Aquin, which is on the south coast of the island and has a population of about 107,000 citizens. John Eberhard of the London Club and a previous District Governor, spoke to our club about the ongoing activities of Rotary in Aquin.  This is an area of Haiti that is considered quite poor with many of the people living on subsistence incomes drawn from small-plot farming or low-paying jobs.   But John stressed that despite the poverty and disruptions of life, he and other Rotarians have always been impressed by the lively optimism, friendliness and willingness of those whom they met in Aquin.
Rotary has been working in conjunction with a local organization HRDF (Haitian Resource Development Foundation) which is based in Aquin.  It prioritizes programs that enable and empower Haitian communities to further personal and collective independence through a commitment to providing measurable results for program beneficiaries and program benefactors.  One of the key lessons that John and Rotary had learned was the need to be organized in response to needs.  So they begin with an assessment of needs which is focuses on culture and language sensitivity, listening not assuming and delivering resources and activities that are targeted and appropriate for the area and its capabilities.
Over the past, Rotary has delivered medical supplies to the Aquin hospital, which are often partially and efficiently managed by Cubans.  They provided building materials and manpower to rebuild parts of the damaged school and worked with young people to establish and manage beehives which provide both sustenance and a saleable commodity.  They also are encouraging children to be active collecting mangoes and tomatoes, which are often left to rot, and then to dry and package them for sale.
Rotarians is assisting local farmers to make their small farm plots more efficient and is recently become involved in helping to resuscitate the local fishing industry through new boat construction and a new storage facility for freshly caught fish.  John mentioned how much the aquaboxes that our club provides have been appreciated and requested that we consider including some assembly instructions in the local language. 
In all the programs in which Rotary is involved in Aquin, evaluation for effectiveness is important and listening to locals as needs change.  Rotary plans to continue its presence in Aquin and to participate in larger and more expansive projects as they emerge.
Finally, John presented our President with a certificate of appreciation from Aquin written in the local Creole language.  It again proves that Rotary’s commitment to serving others is strong, ongoing and important.
Scribe: Guy Chadsey
Latest Paul Harris Fellow awarded to Jack and Teresa Van Nes ( latter posthumously) for their work in the community
Paul Harris Fellowship:
Walt Bathe, Jim Scott and President Linda went to the home of Jack Van Nes Thursday morning to present Paul Harris Fellows to Jack and his late wife Teresa. Last year they made a very significant donation to the Aquabox project. The Van Nes family are also significant supporters of the Hospice Project.  Teresa passed away at Sakura House in Woodstock and her daughter Pat Wouters has helped out with our speaking engagements by telling her mom’s story which has quite an impact.
Rotary Club of Aquin Haiti presenting a certificate to our club thanking us  for 1800 Aqua boxes we sent to Haiti.
Guests:  Today we welcomed: Peter Twynstra (Grand Bend RC), Edward Cundall and Wabi Gudeta.Draw: The prize this week was donated by Gary Morris and won by Jim Scott.
Helen Ellison winner of last weeks Catch the Ace draw but Ace of Spades still eludes.
Rotary Announcements February 8, 2018
Our new weekly meeting location is officially the Army Navy Air Force Building on Lorne Ave.
The results of the vote strongly supported the ANAF with The Festival Inn as our second choice.
Our last meeting at the Kiwanis Centre will be held Thursday Feb 15th with our first meeting at the ANAF on Thursday Feb.22.
Thanks to Charlene, Katherine Hahn and Gerry Thuss for investigating possible locations and thanks to all who participated by voting.
Ken Nesbitt:  Catch the Ace:  We have covered our expenses as of last week and will now make a profit !!***  This weekend all shifts are covered but we need volunteers going forward. The committee has worked most of the shifts so far but we need help.  Please log onto Club Runner to sign up or send Ken or Linda an email and they will add your name. All the shifts are on Saturdays starting at 7:30 at the Market and 9:30 at the mall. 
Michael Fox: Short story contest:  Submissions have started to come in quickly after the launch Feb 1 with the first submissions from Stratford and the next from India.
Make-ups: Angus MacDermid, February 7 at Fort Walton Beach RC.
February’s Attendance Committee: Michael Fox (I/C), Shawn Malvern, Ryan Erb, Bob Malcolmson, Rick Orr, Elizabeth Gaffney, Dan Kane, Wendy Anderson, Debra Swan, John Woollatt