March 9, 2017:  Tracy Van KalsbeekStratford Perth Community Foundation “.  Rick Orr will introduce our speaker and Dan Kane will thank our speaker.

Head Table:  Our President Kevin Silver, invites, Rick Orr, Bob Gulliford, Katherine Hahn, Sarah Hamza, Jim Hayes, Ollie Henry and Karel Hodgert, to join him at the head table.
This Week:  Today’s Club Assembly focussed on new bylaws for Membership.  Chairperson Wendy Anderson stated that the Membership committee is recommending a shift from ‘mandatory attendance’ to ‘expectation of engagement’ – which would include committee work, volunteer shifts, and other Rotary activities in addition to attending weekly luncheons.  A membership survey done last fall shows that 86% of Club members support continuing to track attendance so perfect attendance will be still be honoured, but if a member contributes a recommended 35 hours of time per year through a variety of engagement activities, he/she will be deemed to have meet engagement requirements as proposed for the new bylaws.  Discussion followed.  It was noted that new member sponsors will be expected to do more mentoring so as to ensure that new members feel welcome and understand engagement requirements.  It was asked what happens if a member does not meet the recommended 35 hours per year of engagement.  This is unclear yet, but comments from the Club membership indicated that a consequence is needed so that we don’t have members who are Rotarians in name only.  It was commented that the weekly luncheons are key to getting to know each other and that a member who does only committee work or volunteer shifts would not be realizing the full benefits of Club membership/fellowship.  The majority of Club members present voted to have draft bylaws created based on the information presented and the discussion points raised.  These will be circulated and fully reviewed before any move to adopt is made.  Wendy and her committee were applauded for their work to date.
Scribe:  Charlene Gordon
  • 100th Anniversary of the Foundation is being celebrated in London on April 22.  Tickets are available through the District 6330 website.
  • District Conference is being held in St. Thomas on May 26 and 27th.  Cost varies according to the options selected.
District Governor Diane Chantler has a laugh with our newest member Colleen Brown. Diane was at the club to remind our club of the 100th Anniversary of the Foundation being celebrated in London on April 22 and also about the District Conference being held in Goderich on May 26 and 27th.
DG Diane and President Kevin welcoming our newest member to the club.
New Members: Charlene Gordon introducing our newest member Colleen Brown classification Kitchen Design.
Guests: Today we welcome; Wilf Higgins, Mike Rogers and Mac Campbell (all of them from the RC of Goderich), Kelly Williams and Dennis DesRosiers.
Draw: Lisa Breault donated the prize and Doug won a gift card (SECOND WEEK IN A ROW!).
Make-ups: Angus MacDermid, March 1, at the Rotary Club of Fort Walton Beach and Stve Rae, March 1 at the RC in Estero.
March’s Attendance Committee:  Jo-Anne Hood Tidman (I/C), Rob Russell, Jim Scott, Dave Bean, Walt Bathe, John Wright, Andrea Page, Chris Thomson, Al Wakelin.